The Time Between Casting and Manifestation

Success with a Spell

The Time Between Casting and Manifestation

One of the most tense times for those who have spells cast on their behalf is waiting for the spell to manifest in reality. There can be little doubt that even when you have cast a spell yourself sometimes waiting for the outcome can be an anxious time particularly for the less experienced practitioner. So waiting, without direct contact, when someone else has performed the magic can frequently be very difficult. Of course this is often worse if it is the first ever spell to be cast on your behalf!

Although you might start out as being hopeful usually it doesn’t take long before all that nervous energy and excitement turns into something a little more negative, and it’s here that some of the problems can actually start. So, here are a few hints, tips and a little information which will help support you while waiting for the outcome of that little bit of magic.

Try to Remain Calm and Positive

When waiting for a spell to manifest try to remain both calm and positive. Always remember the Law of Return. Hold on to those thoughts which you had when the spell was first cast and add a little patience to the mix. Positive energies in general tend to have their own reward in a diverse range of circumstances and spell casting in no different. If you think more positively but also carry on with the remainder of your life with that attitude, then it is amazing how things can tend to happen. It’s a little like the ‘watched pot that never boils’ scenario; Once you take your mind off it the soup has suddenly boiled all over the stove!

Have Faith!

As we have also discussed in a previous article, faith also plays a major role in making things happen. This is not of the kind which has to be forced or falsified. It is a comfortable faith which is reinforced when we know that we have acted with self-governing responsibility. We haven’t asked for too much, we haven’t asked to harm someone. We are simply asking to reap the reward or situation that we understand to be rightfully ours either on our own behalf or that of someone else. If you know that you have acted with thoughtful consideration when placing the spell then all is right with the Wiccan faith and you will be returned with your wishes. Waiting is all it takes.

Focus on Nature and the Elements

In addition though, you can also try to broaden your thinking in line with other principles of the Wiccan form of worship. Although it is difficult in this technological age where all we need is at our fingertips, try and think more about the natural elements which surround us and provide us with all we have either directly or indirectly. In these times of plenty, of developing technology, modernization, science, medical advances and most everything else we come into contact with, what we tend to forget is where they are really all sourced from. Our earth provides us with metals and minerals, water and food. No matter what we touch, use, or see, at some point that object in its most basic components, has been provided for us by Mother Nature and the Goddess and God spirits. Focusing on these things, things which underpin the Wiccan religion, often help not only to calm the nerves, but also help us show the natural world that it is appreciated and not taken for granted.

Have Patience

Patience also plays a large role in spell casting. We cannot expect instant gratification because in the natural world things work at their own pace. You cannot hurry the changing of the seasons, or the tides, or the waxing and waning of the moon. All these things have to be appreciated when you want your spell to manifest. Instead just think of how the world really works and that your patience will be rewarded.

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