Who is Goddess – Reflecting and Working with Her


Who is Goddess – Reflecting and Working with Her

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Yes, this class is back to basics. Yes this is the beginning, a no brainer, but this is exactly what we forget. The simple of Goddess gets lost in the complexity of Goddess. Control suppresses freedom and our struggles are granted power over our senses and trust. The wheel has turned my sisters and we find ourselves in the darkest part of winter. It is time to turn inward and return to the basics, the beginning where Goddess silently awaits our return. It is time to remember who we are. It is a time to renew and prepare for the return of the light. A time of growing stronger in our faith as the light of nature also returns.

Who is Goddess

Before ever land was, before ever the sea,

Or soft hair of grass, or fair limbs of tree,

Or flesh-colored fruit of my branches, I WAS….

And thou soul was in me…

The Goddess is diversity. She is both darkness and light and her worship is the reconciliation of opposites. To walk true in a path that is a reflection of her one must achieve balance that is the acceptance of multiple truths and paths. For the reality of one is not the reality of another but all are the diversity that is Goddess. For two and a half BILLION years Earth was a female sea and all life forms existed in Her womb, an environment nourished and protected by her fluids and rocked by Her lunar tides. This translates to “life’s longest period of existence on Earth was dominated by life reproducing parthenogenetically”, a female existence reproducing it’s self within the female body of the sea.

The ocean – the protective and nourishing space, the amniotic fluids, even the lunar tidal rhythms was mimicked by the daughter cells of life born of the sea. Two and a half BILLION years this was life slowly evolving until a fundamental recurring pattern in nature would have it’s beginning; Life in a female environment in which males appear, often periodically, and created by the female, to perform highly specialized tasks related to species reproduction and a more complex evolution.

Among mammals, even among humans, Parthenogenesis is not technically impossible. Every female egg contains a polar body with a complete set of chromosomes; the polar body and the egg, if united, could form a daughter embryo. In fact ovarian cysts are unfertilized eggs hat have join with their polar body, implanted into the ovarian wall and started to develop there. Certainly this is not to say the sexual reproduction from the sperm of males enhances the gene pool that is necessary for the complex evolution the human race has become. The point is one sex has been around a lot longer and would evolve to be life in what manner would dictate its existence as it has since the beginning of time, as we know it.

And you who would think to seek for me

Know that your seeking and yearning will avail you naught

Unless you know the mystery:

That if what you seek you find not within you,

You shall never find it without.

For behold: I have been with you from the beginning,

And I am that which is attained at the end of desires.

Now to understand Goddess of self we must realize we too began our life as a single fertilized cell, or zygote. In the process of innumerable divisions and multiplications, that cell kept dividing up and redistributing that very same protoplasm that coursed through the body of the original zygote. No matter how many times a cell fissions in the process of embryological development, all the daughter cells collectively continue to comprise but one singular organism. All life on Earth comprises the body of a single vast living being – Mother Earth Herself.The Goddess is all that is, Mother of all, sons as well as daughters. Sons born of Her body and nourished by Her breast are born to be her lovers as well.

In no Goddess religions know were people depicted on their knees. Patriarchy, by force would change this. God as creator carries within it’s self the necessity for a tightly controlled class-caste society. Only through the creation of life through human mothers can male god claim glory for himself? The woman at best glorified as the vessel of manifestation of Him. Terms and definitions developed to define one’s belief and silence the truths of another.

Monotheism (in Greek monon = single and Theos = God) is the belief in a single, universal, all-encompassing deity.
*Pantheism (Greek: pan = all and Theos = God) literally means “God is All” and “All is God”. It is the view that everything is of an all-encompassing immanent God; or that the universe, or nature, and God are equivalent. More detailed definitions tend to emphasize the idea that natural law, existence, and/or the universe (the sum total of all that is was and shall be) is represented or personified in the theological principle of ‘God’.
*Panentheism (Greek words: pan=all, en=in and Theos=God; “God-in-all”) is the view that God is immanent within all Creation or that God is the animating force behind the universe. Unlike pantheism, panentheism does not mean that the universe is all God or that God contains the universe inside Godself. In panentheism, God maintains a transcendent character, and is viewed as both the creator and the original source of universal morality.

Polytheism (Greek words: poly=many, Theos = God) literally means “many gods.”. It is the belief in, or worship of, multiple gods or divinities. Most ancient religions were polytheistic, holding to pantheon of traditional deities, often accumulated over centuries of cultural interchange and experience.

As daughters of Goddess we know the truth.

The Earth does not belong to us we belong to the Earth.

All things are connected like the blood that unites one family.

Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of Earth.

We did not weave the web of life we are but a strand in it.

Whatever we do to the web we do to our self.

As daughters of Goddess, one with the very cell of life’s beginning we embrace the diversity of all beliefs. All beliefs being Goddess manifesting in truths that answers one’s need to connect with Mother. We are monotheistic in our belief that all deities are ultimately one, the Creatrix of life. We are pantheistic as we embrace the knowledge that all is Goddess. We are pantheistics as we are filled with Goddess of self and we are Polytheistic as we worship the many aspect of Goddess.

The Goddess is diversity. She is both what has been and what is to come. To walk true in a path that is a reflection of Her one must achieve balance that is the acceptance of life is ever evolving yet ever spiraling to it’s beginning. This is the true empowerment of Her mysteries. These are Her endless gifts of cosmic awareness that is magick in its truest form as a Witch. In realizing this grand scale of self, what we choose to call forth of self is endless. To see Goddess as the nurturing Mother or to see her as the great winds that brush across your face, it is your passion for Her that gives life to what you seek.

Living in the Reflection of Goddess

We have not even to risk the journey alone, for the ancient ones have gone before us.

The labyrinth is thoroughly known.

We have only to follow the path and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find Goddess.

And where we had thought to travel outward, we will have come to the center of our existence.

And where we had thought to be alone we shall be one with all.

Our consciousness is a property of our biological being. At the deepest levels of our biological being, all consciousness in the universe is linked in a galactic web of mutual awareness the very being of Goddess in which we live. The isolated individual does not exist but is an illusion of the Earth plane of which our physical bodies live this life.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, tele-transportation, shape shifting, and healing are not powers learned, they are natural powers forgotten. In our original state of being, we live in ecstasy, filled with these powers. It is when our social conscious chakras rule or higher chakras of consciousness that we lose this ecstasy.

It is in remembering our souls connection to the beginning and to the end. In remembering the primal consciousness of oneness between all living things we are empowered with what is naturally our senses. As daughters of the Goddess, human females designed by evolution it’s self that we are the link between biological energy and the soul of life. We must return to that time, in our genetic memory, in our dreams, in a place of our existence today where we are one with all that is.

Goddess is not something to be turn on and off with whims of magick. Goddess is a lifestyle lived with such passion ones senses becomes ones daily magick. Live from your heart and live creatively. Live feminine, authentic and in a life affirming choice rather than the dream depleting system the Spirit blind would choose for you. Start taking steps towards your dreams, taking risk both big and small. Fill your life with beauty; a branch of winter’s transition placed upon your desk, a beautiful picture tape to your daily coffee mug and wonderful candles to light your table. Indulge in scents and scarves that remind you of your own divine feminine. Listen to beautiful wordless music to allow your thoughts freedom rather than to be filled with the thoughts of others.

Take time to educate yourself by reading self-help books, holistic health, feminism, mythology and Spirituality. Cook and eat healthy, blessing all that nourishes your body. Garden, paint, write and spend time in prayer and meditation. Get involved in the world around you and remove the blinders. Be for peace and support those in office who are for change in the world.

Empower and heal your self by supporting other women both professionally and personally. Teach your children integrity, honestly and the sacredness of all life through Spirit. Speak your truth, stand up for it and teach your truth to the children. Choose uniqueness, beauty and quality combined with a willingness to make a difference in the world.

Take time for Goddess in your daily life, your every moment and your every breath. This is where one begins and where one returns when one forgets.

Working with Goddess

The essence of it is to let yourself see how much clinging to how you want your life to be is nothing more than a process of self-torture.

Drop it, and allow yourself to fall openly and unguardedly in love with your life as it is and everything in it.

As living in Her reflection, working with Goddess is a lifestyle as well. Creating habits that allow your workings to be unconscious as well as conscious. To engage in a journey that takes you from living outside yourself to processing the world inside. This means bringing light to your inner shadow aspects that are primary rooted in fear patterns that have more control over your behavior than does your conscious mind. This limits your ability to make choices in which you are aware of your motivations. Where to begin? Do your best even if you make apparent mistakes. How are you to judge if they are mistakes? Thoughts generate and release energy and if repeated with intent can be a powerful source of energy. Thus, as we control negative or judgmental thoughts we improve our lives. Positive thinking harms none and is expressions of our Spirituality by honoring Goddess through honoring self.

As you grow in the path of Goddess and your senses awaken you will also need to incorporate in your daily grooming habits of cleansing your energy. You will undoubtedly learn, intuition is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that we are able to know the true desires of others and their need of us. The curse is that we become emotionally and physically clogged by garbage that is not ours, sometimes without even being aware of it. We are not meant to carry the load of another for carrying their burdens does nothing to lessen their load unless with detachment you are able to offer a hand to lift them up opposed to swimming in the pit with them. Below are but a few suggestions, the important thing is to make it a habit and lifestyle.

  • Cleansing and anointing your chakras in your morning/nightly bath with your personal seal of magick-. A pentagram drawn with an affirmation spoken with each stroke. An example; Crown-let me be awaken to you, Third Eye-let me see with your eyes, Throat- let me speak with your voice, Heart- let me love in your glory, Solar- let me walk in your light, Sacral- let me feel in your passion, Root- let me live in your sanctuary.
  • Anointing just your third eye or any part of your body with a pentagram drawn with an affirmation spoken with each stroke.. An example; Let me be awaken to you, see with your eyes, hear with your ears, speak with your lips and love with your heart.
  • Make your daily shower/bath a cleansing bath with affirmations, oils, and herbs. Honor the Goddess of self and sooth Her with your touch and nurturing.
  • Create Circle every morning by invoking a sacred space that flows with you. The words can be altered to say – To guard my Circle and witness my Rite, my Circle is my day and my Rite is my life, let the Circle fade with day’s end.
  • Pray with the opening of your eyes every morning and the closing of them at night. Pray and give thanks with every meal. Pray before every encounter you dread through out your day. Pray with every unexpected encounter that gives you stress. Pray and give thanks with every omen that crosses your path. It does not have to be a drop to your knees prayer, it can be a few words with eyes wide open and life continuing forward, pray to the universe and be connected with Goddess.
  • Honor your existence. Be aware of the smells around you, the creatures and plants, the tastes of all you eat and the dreams that fill your idle time. Grant yourself time to live this day in many dimensions.
  • Love freely as does Goddess. Love for the sake of love, without boundaries of old programming.
  • Share Goddess of self with others – a kind word, encouragement or just recognizing they too or a child of Goddess struggling as Spiritual beings to be human. Bless and honor their path.
  • Speak your truth. One sentence at a time be heard. Let compassion and wisdom be your guide. Let judgmental ways have no place in your heart.
  • Create sacred space in your daily environment. Create beauty that reflects what Goddess is to you. Be it a stone that reminds you of Her ageless strength, a picture of a Goddess you draw strength from or totems that have personal meanings. Surround yourself with Goddess.
  • Strive everyday in your thoughts to work towards your dream. Do not settle, maintain while working towards living authentic.

In Praise of Sophia

A passage from Proverbs

I prayed, and understanding was given to me;

I entreated, and the Spirit of Wisdom came to me.

I esteemed Her more than scepters and thrones;

Compared with Her, I held riches as nothing.

I reckoned no priceless stone to be Her peer,

For compared with Her, all gold is a pinch of sand,

And beside her silver ranks as mud.

I loved Her more than health or beauty,

Preferred Her to the light,

Since her radiance never sleeps.

In Her company all good things came to me,

At Her hands riches not to be numbered.

All these things I delighted in, since Wisdom brings them,

But as yet I did not know She was their Mother.

What I learned without self-interest,

I passed on without reserve;

I do not intend to hide her riches.

For She is an inexhaustible treasure to men,

And those who acquire it win god’s friendship’

Commended as they are to him by the benefits of her teachings.

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