The Knowledge of Quieting


The Knowledge of Quieting

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I am not sure how all of you are but I like to do a lot of research and information gathering in order to solve my problems or to improve my life. I will use books, word-of mouth, and a lot of internet (goddess bless Google) to find out what I need to know. I love knowledge. I would be lost if one day I just quit learning. Thankfully I am sure that will never happen for any of us.

So it is with great honor to me that I share with you the knowledge I have about our innate processes, our bodies and a little bit of our minds in order to have the knowledge to ground our selves in this world.

Our lives, generally speaking, are overly hectic. In my average day there is not time for sitting down quieting myself and just letting it all mute around me. I work in a busy office answering phone calls and making appointments for patients.

I used to be obsessed with always having people around me to talk to. This came from a childhood of not having a whole lot of people around me outside my parents home. When I began missing that girl who was creative, thoughtful and would rather sit on the boundaries of the school and talk to prairie dogs then play with classmates, I began to look at where she had gone. For one thing unfortunately we all need to grow up, at least a little. We need to have an income and we need to take on responsibilities. But as I am now coming to know, not everything we learned in our youth or even in our infancy has to be let go of.

When we are first brought into this world, our knowledge is basic. Our skills are basic. If we are fortunate we are near our mothers and they teach us what we need to know but it is how we receive that knowledge that is equally important as what and where that knowledge is coming from.

Newborns stretch as a way of lengthening their bodies and developing muscles and strengthening tendons and ligaments. But this primal action does more than that. As we reach out of the little ball of flesh we were and still are we place a hand or a foot or whatever out into the space around us, out into the unknown, out THERE. This is the first step to knowing our world and our first chance at vulnerability as well.

We are now exposed and naked possibly in many ways. We find out our likes, our dislikes and we can now interact with those things.

When we come into contact with something we now have a choice of what to do with it. Our first response is to push it away redrawing back into the little ball of flesh. This is our defense. Still sometimes it may be the only one we have. By pushing and removing ourselves from something, we gain knowledge but it is limited.

As we learn and grow we will reach out again and again sometimes pushing and sometimes not. It is only but not pushing away everything that we can truly learn about our world.

So now we reach out and we have pushed it and we reach again and it is still there or something new is there instead. We now want to know even more. This time as that hand reaches out, we touch that thing, and we grasp it. We hold onto to it and explore it tactically with our hands. We feel the grooves, the notches, the smoothness, the roughness; we feel what this thing has to offer.

It is now our choice once again to let go and draw back into our ball or continue on this journey. We are not always are of the danger or the pleasures that wait ahead of us. So blindly or maybe not so blindly we move on.

We reach out to that thing we have tested it once or maybe twice by pushing and now we finally have a hold of it. We grasp onto it with our hands and we find out we need to know more so we pull it back towards ourselves. Now we can see it clearer. Now we can smell it and taste it if we want. We are still unaware of the dangers or the pleasures that lay within this thing. We still after all this time, know very little.

This thing is still on the outside. We have allowed it to penetrate our little bubble our little ball but it is still outside looking in or being looked upon by us.

When we have REACHED out, PUSHED to test, GRASPED onto it, PULLED it closer, it is still not us. To make this thing part of us we need to YIELD to it. By yielding to this thing we take it with us. We accept what it is and what we are. We are now free to feel the danger or the pleasures of what it is. We are equipped with the basic knowledge and now have a platform on which to form the rest. By accepting it, we do not change it, we bring it in and make it our own. Now formed together we can move and change into what we want to be.

When we are school we are taught the five senses. This is what we use to explore our world. In the knowledge I have just given you there was a sense that I purposely left out. This last sense is truly the focus of this class and that is why I have placed it here in its own space. It is your ears, your sense of hearing. Here in its own space we can now explore it.

Well not entirely a space to its own for us being the people who we are, and already having the knowledge we do, know that there are more senses than that. And they also belong in this next section.

Music is an integral part of our lives. It is a communication tool; it is a tool of emotion. We all have favorite types of music. Be it country or rock or rap music stirs an integral part of our being. It shoots down to the core propelling us towards emotions and a plane of otherworldliness. I remember being in the choir at church as a child that was where I felt that God was there. Now on my current path I know that it is through these rhythms of the earth and the world around us through sound and through song this is where I find Goddess and relish in her Presence.

Within our bodies is a series of rhythms. Fluid, as we know is a catalyst to sound. Our body had several types of fluids and vibration of those fluids can bring us to a new knowledge of our bodies.

Recline with our without a partner or in groups and explore these rhythms with me.

Our heart is the workhorse of the body. And it is directly responsible for our first two fluids we are speaking of today.

Reach to the neck, or wrist or any pulse point on you or your partner. Feel the beat, the rhythm of the heart. Truly dig down and feel it and feel you body match it this is the first sound we hear it is the core of our being.

Now as you listen to that beat instead of the thump of the rhythm focus on the beats between. This is where the venous flow lives. It too is controlled by the beat of your heart and the pulse points in your body but it is the returning blood. This is the de-oxygenated blood, the blood that has done its work and it now like us returning to the heart of things for a refill.

As this venous flow returns towards the heart, it is dragging with it lymph. Lymph is the clean sweeping of our bodies. Lymph does not have a beat of its own it is reliant upon the blood to help squeeze it along. You can move the lymph in your body by gently dragging your finger across the surface of your skin. Using the pressure a quarter placed on the skin would inflict. Move towards the heart with this movement to help it on its natural path.

Lymph is the sewer water of the body. It is made of waste. The biggest dampers in your body are your own cells they spend their time shedding off the old and forming new. This rhythm is deep within your body. It is quiet it, is a busy buzzing that we may hear in the quietness as we focus internally.

The Grandfather clock of our bodies lies within our spine. This exercise has to be done with a partner. Place one hand cradling the back of head where the spine attaches and place the other hand cradling your partner’s sacrum. Feel the wave of vibration that passes back and forth between these two points it presents itself as a full base thump that moves very slowly. You will feel as though you are rocking back and forth when you have it right.

Rocking is an important movement to our bodies. We remember it from infancy as a calming thing and it settles all of the many parts within us. The Interstitial Fluid lies between all of your organs and muscle bodies. It is what lets you body slide internally. Rock you or your partner and feel all pieces fit into place. This motion also stimulates the inner ear and the equilibrium that gives us the knowledge of place and time.

The fluid that assists us in getting to new places and times is Synovial. Synovial fluid is important. We find this out more and more the older we get. It is the drying up of this fluid is where we get arthritis and stiff joints from. This fluid has no rhythm of its own but it is through the vibration of our frame that we access it as it makes up the inner most part of most of the joints in our body.

Now that we are all relaxed and we will go through these again. Lay or sit as you are comfortable and I will be your guide as we put all of it together.

Clear you mind. Feel your body becoming soft and subtle. Purge your mind of troubling thoughts. Fell the ground beneath you fully support you. Breathe in through your nose filling your body. Breathe again though your nose and feel the oxygen fill your lungs on its way to your heart. Feel the rhythm of your heart in your chest. Feel the primal rhythm. Fell your capillaries expand feel it in your head and all the way to your toes. Fell the blood on its way backfilling your veins. Feel it coming back to your heart refilling and rejuvenating itself as we seek to rejuvenate ourselves. Fell it pushing the lymph, the waste towards its destination. Feel you body becoming cleaner with each beat, each breath. Feel the buzzing of the cells within your body. Feel them nourishing you and repairing you. Feel them taking care of you. Nurturing you. Feel the time-keeper of your body. Feel the deep thump of your spine. Feel it moving within the supporting of your whole body. Feel the fluid between your organs and muscles, Feel the settling of your body. Feel the insides all relax. With every beat and every breath. Quiet yourself entirely now and feel the air around you. The noise of your breathing the noise of your sisters breathing and let it reverberate though your synovial fluid and up through each bone in your body. Continue to breathe and fell each of these fluids working together in your body. Take a parting deep breath and return to the room and your sisters presence.

I hope that I may have inspired you, taught you and instilled in you through the knowledge of our humanity the ability to use your own rhythms for quieting and grounding. You may not always have gentle music playing around you. You may not be able to get the noise to shut off. But deep with us are many rhythms and rhythms that connect us to the mother if we only listen long enough.

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