Visualizing Where Your Spell’s Energy Will Go

Spell's Energy

Visualizing Where Your Spell’s Energy Will Go

Although there is often much talk about remaining positive when it comes to either casting a spell yourself or having one cast on your behalf, thinking positive sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often a better course of action to take is not only to visualize where you want your spell’s energy to go but also to focus on the action you want it to perform and, in particular, the potential outcome.

Meditation and Science

To do this effectively meditation is probably the easiest path to take and you can apply it to any type of spell which has been cast. What you will also find is that when you have undertaken meditation for a few occasions you develop a tendency to think more positively about all things, not only your spell, as a result.

Although many people might automatically think this is information of the hog-wash variety, there are proven scientific reasons for this happening. We know now that negative thoughts affect the way your digestive system, and in turn your body’s response to anxiety and, as a direct result of that, how your brain functions. So, when it comes to at least one aspect, you can be certain that altering your mindset by meditating and focusing will have at least some beneficial aspects not only on your outlook but also your gut!


Today we have learned of many ways to focus the mind and one of the latest, and proven concepts, is to think mindfully. But practicing mindfulness does actually take a little bit of practice because it actually goes against the grain of all we were led to previously believe.

What happens with mindfulness is that instead of trying to push a scenario to the back of your mind, in this case it would be the outcome of your spell, you actually focus upon it. You make up the story in your own mind and confront your concerns about it. So, you may well sit back, take the phone off the hook and relax and then envisage the energy of you spell going to the target subject. In the case of say, a love spell, it might travel through a town or down busy city streets. It will enter an office building while, possibly, trying to evade drawing the attention of other staff. Maybe it will hide on a desk under a sheaf of paper. Whatever the situation, I’m sure you are getting the picture. Then you can visualize the outcome you desire the spell to achieve.

Meditation in General

Mindfulness is said to improve positive thinking and reduce anxiety into the bargain. It also, in this case, will help your spell perform its magic. But there are other ways to visualize the energy of your spell and standard meditation practices can help you not only become more confident of the situation but also improve your general outlook.

More on Meditation

Lying in a darkened, warm room and focusing on a particular object such as a candle is often said to be one of the easiest ways of all to enter into a meditative state. In that scenario you can visualize your energy in whatever way you like. There are also other ways to achieve it, including buying one of the many relaxation or self-inducing hypnosis audios that are available.

So, although you are often told to ‘forget’ about your spell being cast, we now know that this is an extremely difficult thing to do in reality. And, although it is not wise to focus on it in your conscious state regularly, you can practice meditation or mindfulness to not only confront your anxieties about your spell reaching its target but also influence how it gets there.

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