Coven Ritual for Goddess Asherah

Asherah Ritual

Coven Ritual for Goddess Asherah

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

The Altar will be prepared and adorned to honor Goddess Asherah

Coven Members needed:

  • High Priestess
  • Crone
  • Hand Maiden
  • Mother
  • Summoner:
  • East Watchtower
  • South Watchtower
  • West Watchtower
  • North Watchtower


sage all that enter Circle

Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust?



Bless and dedicate all with Goddess Asherah’s Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra

Sister to Sister we share this circle

all will cast circle


Goddess Asherah’s Story

High Priestess

And her daughters spoke as they stood at the altar of the Holy One. Blessed Be Great Mother, I remember the safety and the security and the peace which we used to enjoy, but now is departed from us. I cry out “O if I could but return to a life when the sanctuary stood and you came down from the heavens and essence rest within us”. We stood within the tribes and sang your praise. We would seek you and our prayers would be answered in abundance.

Goddess of Our Souls, our hearts break to see your temples destroyed. The silence that resides there reminds of the false prophets that would preach against you. We ask Great Goddess what can we do as we too have denied you? “Woe to me that I would deny me and therefore deny you.


As the words that have been spoken to us in the name of Yahweh- we shall not listen. But we shall instead without fear do everything we know. We shall burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and shall pour Her libations as we used to in celebration and praise. As our tribes of old, our Mothers and our Queens of the city of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem. For then we had plenty of food and we were well and saw no evil. Since we ceased burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and to pour Her libations, we have wanted for everything and have been consumed by sword and famine.”

Maiden will light 2nd incense and set them on the floor to make and entrance to the altar. She will then hold the wine up to the Coven and bless it, be the first to drink and then the rest will walk through the entrance to the altar and give libation to the Goddess

Bless Be the wine, the blood of my Goddess. May it nourish my Brethren as it nourishes me. Blessed be My Goddess.


I beheld a dignified woman, beautiful like the sun, standing in front of me. In my heart I thought, ” She is my Mother”. She spoke with the wind that gives flight to all wings. “What is it my daughter and why do you cry? I have heard your cries Jerusalem of lightning the fire grew threatening us with its flames. I called out “Mother, Mother save me from the fire”. With tears that would fill a river my Mother gave answer. “No one can save you from the flames my daughter but self. Have you forgotten you are my daughter and through me, which is you, all things are possible?” I fell to my face to at Mother’s feet and was consumed by the tears of self that I would ever deny Mother. Memories became the ocean as tears reminded me of being lost without Her. “Mother” I called as I raised my face to see Her once again. Lo and behold Mother was gone and all that remain were ashes of an extinguished flame. Mother I cried, I am filled with your essence and never more shall I stand alone for you are with me and I shall never forget.

Mother shall cleanse the caldron of the wine and fill it with Holy Water. She will then hold it up to the Coven and bless it.

The Caldron of Vocation
Gives and it is replenished,
Promotes and is enlarged,
Nourishes and is given life,
Request and is filled with answers,
Sings and is filled with song,
Preserves and is made strong,
Arranges and receives arrangements,
Maintains and is maintained.
Good is the well of measure,
Good is the abode of speech,
Good is the confluence of power, I
It builds up strength.
It is greater than any domain,
It is better than any inheritance.
Its numbers us among the wise,
And we depart from the ignorant.


All of Creation has a common beginning, and the beginning is me, Goddess Asherah. If you know me, the Mother you know my many names. Know all my names that will serve you and stay with Me and the essence of your life will never be exhausted, even though your body will one day be dissolved.

Block the openings and shut the doors to all that deny me – and you will not be worn out. I say to you my daughters, deny me not and you shall have true vision of self for to deny me is not to perceive of self in truth. One must live and reflect in the light of others but one but never forgets to return to the true light of self.
In this way you will restore your virtue and be preserved from all harms.

When natural virtue is lost one becomes dependent of the doctrines of humanism. This is the endless chaos of confusion as all man-made partial virtues are merely superficial flowers, a false nature that would take you away from me. My daughters when you would deny self it is the beginning of hypocrisy and the beginning of the death of us both. I cannot live without you and at the end of the spiral that is your life, where will you go if not to me?

Thus, it is the essences of me that gives life to you. I shall nurse you, shelter you, comfort you and embrace you – if you but remember me. I am Goddess Asherah and I am not a Lost Goddess if you but remember I live through you.

The Crone will walk through the entrance to the altar and face the Coven. She will speak Her goddess name and the Coven will honor Her 3 times as Maiden Mother and Crone

I honor you Maiden __________Goddess lives through you
I honor you Mother _____________Goddess lives through you
I honor you Crone____________Goddess lives through you.

High Priestess

We all give thanks to our wonder Goddess Asherah and or reminder we are given in remembering Her we remember self. As we close Circle tonight, let us take with us these teaching that we may be strong and prospers in the manifestation of our goals and dreams we face within our lives. Blessed Be to Goddess Asherah and Bless Be to all the Goddesses that share this Circle tonight.

Celebration of Circle

Wine & Cake

Blessed Be this Cake and Wine,
the Body and the Blood of the Mother
May You never hunger (passes bread) Blessed Be.
May You never thirst (passes wine) Blessed Be.

High Priestess

Gracious Goddess as we close our circle we ask that our path always be in your light.


All give personal thanks to the Goddess

Dismiss Watchtowers


The circle is open but unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again.

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