Banishing and Warding Spell

Banishing Warding Spell

Banishing and Warding Spell

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Tools needed for the Banishing and Warding Spell

  • Pre-light candle in every room close all doors.
  • Athame
  • Consecrated water
  • Besom
  • Incense/censer
  • Doves’ blood
  • Flat rock
  • Entities for ward
  • Food for ward
  • Collect all items in a Waning Moon Circle.

How to Cast the Banishing and Warding Spell

On a night when the moon is full, after proper bath, cast circle and raise energy. (Circle should be cast away from “the Place” to be cleared or proper protection should be taken)

Draw pentacle on rock with doves’ blood and consecrate with entities to be used for making the Ward. Wrap entities in cloth or leather and seal with wax from the candle of the Goddess.

Now with consecrated water you must seal all 13 orifices eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, anus, vagina and urethra. All shall draw pentacles over each orifice while chanting:

Goddess protect me from the un-welcomed

Expand circle to include “the Place” to be cleared. Start in the North and begin each room in the North, one room at a time. Sweep room in a clockwise motion chanting:

My Goddess may all un-welcomed be gone.

Repeat with Ward, Athame, incense, and water, raising each implement to the four Guardians, calling them by name and asking for their power to:

clear and banish the un-welcomed.

As you finish each room extinguish candle with fingers, chant:

as my word so mote it be

and leave door open.

Carry forth what you have swept to the next room and begin again.

Upon completion of entire house visualize sweeping the unwanted to their proper place into the universe.
Bury the Ward with food and cover with prepared rock and give thanks to Goddess and Watchtowers.

Blessed Be

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