Processing Energy Opposed to Shielding


Processing Energy Opposed to Shielding

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

Growth is not soft; growth is painful.

The mind lives in the past because it lives in knowledge. Knowledge means that which you have known, understood, learned. Existence is now and the mind is then. The mind looks backwards; it is like a rear view mirror. If you are backing your car, the rearview mirror is good but if you are going forward then it is dangerous to go on looking in the rearview mirror  as you will not see what is ahead. Growth is enlightenment of what is ahead.

If you want to grow, drop the past. The past is no more, it is absolutely irrelevant, but it goes on interfering. You go on judging according to it; you go on saying, “this is right and that is wrong” and all those ideas of right and wrong decide your enlightenment of what is in front of you. Your dead past remains so heavy on you that it does not allow you to be enlightened by your existence in the present.

The second thing to remember is not to create expectations for the future. Things are not going to happen according to you, things are going to happen according to the whole. The wave, the small wave in the ocean, cannot be the deciding factor. The ocean decides; the wave has to go along with it.

If the wave wants to go east; if the ocean is not willing, then the wave will suffer. It will call it fate, circumstances, social conditions, the economic structure, the capitalist society, the Freudian unconscious and even growing pains. BUT that is just shifting the responsibility. The real thing is that you are suffering from your expectations.

Shielding opposed to processing energy one perceives as a threat is one of the most controversial topics I have come across in the craft. My question at hand is, if shielding truly works, why is your life not completely free of conflict, unhappiness or chaos. Would not shielding any and all that is not harmonious to your life just fix everything? Or is there an admittance that your magick or shielding capabilities are not always as powerful as the threat you are trying to shield against.

If shielding works for you and your life is, as you would choose it to be, I applauded and honor how you work your magick of self.

If you shield because you read it in a book or was taught by someone in the craft, I ask you to examine the whys and success of shielding. Is your life better from the knowledge of shielding or do you remain in life patterns that find you shielding over and over from the same threat? If so I invite you to another thought on shielding.

As humans, organic in nature, we must realize the cellular memories we are infused with at the spark of life that is our birth. Into each molecule that makes up the life shell we are to exist in, beyond the threshold of normal awareness, cellular memories lay in wait to react to life circumstances that are to be our journey this time around. If we were frail in a past life we react to threats in a protective manner. If we were powerful in a past life perhaps we rise to the challenge. If we were prejudiced against, perhaps we react with caution; used or abused we react in fear.

Now add to this the fact that your entire body’s cells are a non-localized field of information and cellular memory. When one thinks, one thinks with the whole body, all of the cells—not just the brain. Thinking is an “all cells” affair. My gut feelings, my heart’s desire, and the reaction of the immune system give proof of this. Technically speaking (or not technically speaking as mundane science would never acknowledge this theory), our chakras (we are talking about all the chakras not just the seven main chakras) are the receivers of energy first as energy is the ether that fills all voids. The energy is then dispersed to the energy fields of the cells which “are” the active mind, reaction to the energy is then sent to the brain to register the reaction of interaction of information gathered, back into cellular memory. Much like the cells of our “now” organic body feeling and recognizing the pain of an injury and the cells sending the reaction to the brain to register hurt. The brain then sends back the information into the cellular memory of this life’s body to be added and carried by the soul’s journey into the next life as cellular memory. Clear the cells’ energetic field and you clear the mind.

This being said we now consider how we are taught as Witches to shield when subjected to a cellular memory being trigger in possible outcomes of similarity of past experiences. It is exactly this same cellular memory that contributes to one’s view of things and determines how this moment of time is to be experienced and the purpose of this interaction. It’s not specific of the situation in this present time; it’s how you see it in the cellular memory.

According to psycho-immunology, changes in consciousness cause change in cellular biology and chemistry. As mind and mater are not separate, matter is but an expression of mind. It is the same cellular fields that work as holographic amplifiers and projects their patterns onto the very decisions that are the fabric of our lives. When they are patterned or encoded with trauma – they project and manifest trauma. When they are encoded that someone or something is actually empowered enough to harm us it projects that knowledge into our cells and it is we who lay down the welcome mat to illness and ill intent. 

Additionally, when you are automatically responding to past cellular memories in response to what has trigger your need to shield, you are not truly intuitively sensing! You must let go of all effort, all resisting, refusing, and denying. Release all conflicts of interest, all human preference so that you may extrovert and become truly objective. When you process energy with a high degree of sensitivity, you can feel layers of suppressed grids of self-releasing to universal consciousness. At the same time this releasing of suppressed cellular memory leaves the cells unreceptive of retaining negative energy in any given interaction of energy.

It is a matter of releasing the past so that you can freely be in the moment. By discharging conflicting energy points of views, you allow them to pass through you, processed and transformed by you. You are opening yourself to the power outside of form, structure, and significance. You are opening limited thinking patterns to universal consciousness and intuitive knowing you are one with all and not a singular separateness that can be targeted against.

True self-empowerment knows no fear of a physic attack from another or of circumstance that control ones destiny from another’s intent. True self-empowerment is to become a master at releasing trapped life force particles that would remind one of past fears or undesired emotions, stagnant vitality globules that bleed off your intention and high resonance. One must learn to know the nature of stillness, the abode of point infinity energy in the processing of energy in the interactions of daily life. Learn to be the timeless self and the fundamental vibration or vitality of all that is. Your body then becomes a monitor that helps you read and process internal blocks brought to light from interactions with others along your path.

As you truly become in tune with your body, you transform negative energy of your past and the present of others almost effortlessly and pleasurable without thought. You learn the self-coaching skills of very deep relaxation, the daily nurturing of chakra work and the responsibility of self-sanctuary and health. You become the empowered, protected through your power to walk freely among any and all who would direct ill intent towards you. Without our usual bag of perceptual filters, we can effortlessly download from the cosmic mind. We become aligned with Goddess energy, our true self, full of self-expression and infinite space. Only when we fear not are we truly at the peak of our power as a witch.

Example exercises in the point of infinity energy; Empathy Vampires; to have empathy and desire empathy is human and it certainly can be argued compassion is a reflection of Goddess. In reality the reflection of Goddess is “to all there is a season, a time to be born, a time to grow and a time to die; a time to work and a time to rest”. It is in accepting this that one accepts the path of self and the path of others. It is also in acknowledging our free choices choose these paths and responsibility of one’s path lies within their choices.

In seeking and expressing empathy the rule of empowerment is – Grief has a purpose, to honor a loss. When its purpose has been served but one chooses to still grieve it becomes sloth and no longer has purpose.

Point infinity energy is to accept, process and transform the grieving energy into acceptance. To stay to long in empathy either giving or receiving, enforces cellular memory to find familiarity in this emotion. One remains in sloth and can not see true light of self or one becomes the care giver in a co-dependent relationship to one who remains in sloth.

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