The Magick Mirror Spell

Magick Mirror Spell

The Magick Mirror Spell

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

Items needed for the Magick Mirror Spell

  • Photo/picture frame with removable glass and back
  • Black high gloss paint, paint brush
  • Dried herbs: Angelica Root, Broom, Camphor, Dragon’s Blood, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Orris Root, Patchouli Peppermint, Rose, Rue, Yarrow, Dried Moss

Collect all items in a Full Moon Circle. In a mortar crush all herbs into a powder. Mix with paint till you have a thick tar like substance. While mixing herbs, raise power by chanting:

Magick herbs of earths delight, I bid you join us in our rite
Vessel of vision be thou divine, vessel of vision be thou mine
By all the powers of land and sea, as I do will this spell will be

Chant the spell slowly and softly. Gradually increase volume and speed. Imagine rays of Moonlight beaming down into your potion. Feel the power brimming inside you; once you are filled with energy channel it into your potion. Now take your frame apart and paint one side of the glass entirely leaving no spots. Dry under the moon. When dry replace glass with unpainted side out. Ring bells around Mirror chanting:

Spirit of Magick, Love and Peace protect this Mirror and never cease
Within this Mirror no evil may dwell by the ringing of the bells
Place on altar for three nights after Full Moon.

Consecrating and Empowering the Magic Mirror

Items needed:

  • completed Mirror
  • black veil
  • Dark Moon Incense
  • a dish of consecrated salt and a dish of consecrated water
  • a purple candle inscribed with the symbol of the Waning Moon engraved on it
  • 4 white votive candles
  • Wisdom Oil

Cast circle widdershins. Place Mirror standing on altar and cover with black veil. Place purple candle behind Mirror and the four votives at each cardinal (east, south, west, north) direction. Light each cardinal candle and chant;

Magick mirror be created in the womb of the North
Gnomes bring forth the nature to see
Magick Mirror be born from the waters of the West
Undines bring forth the wisdom to see
Magick Mirror be warmed by the fires of the South
Salamanders bring forth the desire to see
Magick Mirror be animated by the winds of the east
Sylphs bring forth the knowledge to see

Burn Dark Moon Incense and light purple candle. Remove the veil and consecrate the Mirror with water and salt. Pass the Mirror over the incense and over the purple candle’s flame. Lay the Mirror flat on the altar and hold your hands over the surface, draw in the power of the Goddess and channel it into your mirror and chant:

I am the daughter of Earth, Water and the nursing sky
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores
I change, but I cannot die

Anoint the Mirrors frame with Dark Moon Oil chanting Blessed Be. Draw a Pentagram 3 times in the center of the Mirror with Wisdom Oil, breathing into the center between each. To attune your Mirror with your own psychic energy repeat your Witch name with each breath.

Using the Magick Mirror

Always place a candle behind the Mirror to represent the light/vision you seek. You may seek the Mirror’s Magick outside the construct of your circle but it will always be strongest inside the sanctuary of circle. When you are ready hold your hands over the surface and whisper your name 3 times to awaken the Mirror to you. Gaze into the Mirror’s blackness. Don’t look at the surface but through the Mirror. If you have a specific question, fix your thoughts on the person or object of intent. Allow your mind to be still for future visions. For past life fix your thought on a date. Images, colors and even sounds will soon begin to reveal themselves.

More on Magick Mirrors and Scrying

Trust your intuitions and NEVER read to another what is not CLEAR.

Blessed Be

Wisdom Oil: 2 drops cinnamon oil, 4 drops myrrh oil, 3 drops lavender oil

Dark Moon Incense: ¼ cup sandalwood, 1/8 cup patchouli, ½ cup myrrh, 10 drops jasmine oil, 4 drops chamomile

Dark Moon Oil: 7 drops jasmine, 2 drops chamomile, 1 drops sandalwood

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