Goddess Oya

Goddess Oya

Goddess Oya

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Goddess of transformation and change

Listen and you shall hear me in the winds
Know it is my thunder that gives a warning in the dark
Do not dare deny me through false tongue my daughters
Do not anger me with fences of blindness
For you must run wild and free of injustice to celebrate me
And it is you who must call forth the storm of change.

Goddess Oya is a powerful African Goddess. Black as night, erotically she runs wild and free finding balance between the wisdom and rage that is Her power! She is a Warrior Queen and a Fire Goddess whose passions are the mighty elements that bring forth the storms of change. Angered Goddess Oya may call forth tornadoes and lightening. If She chooses to cry, torrential rains may drown the cause of Her sorrow. Her laughter may sway the wind to carry forth the seed and prosperity might fill your garden.

In ancient traditions Goddess Oya was both loved and feared as Her mysteries were passed from daughter to daughter. As well as preserving the healing arts, Her worship was also associated with celebrating the Ancient Mothers to ensure the continuation of power through the family lines. Through dance and ritual they would celebrate Oya calling forth vision and power of self through blood and vulva, the vulva representing their connection to Goddess. They would call to Goddess Oya who would appear whirling a beaded horsetail and saber, the saber a tool to cut away injustice and deceit; the horsetail symbolizes power and integrity of a wise woman.

In one myth of Goddess Oya, She was the keeper of a Sacred Cloth of Many Colors that was said to hold the wisdom of all women and the unity necessary to manifest magick. Out of this cloth she gave birth to 9 daughters earning her the name “Mother of Nine.” In another myth She was called “Mother of Nine” when her husband broke her into 9 pieces for running away with his younger more handsome brother. We can only surmise the origins and worship of each story.

She is also called Mother of the Elders of the Night, a term we embrace as Witches. She is a Sorceress of the magickal Arts and aids in all forms of divination and intuition. Dark as night She can be found dwelling in the cemeteries and groves of graves where the Ancestors await to aid family and loved ones who cross over. So respected is Oya in the realm of the dead Her power maybe called upon to summon the Ancestors for magickal workings as well as to aid or stop death.

Fiercely protective as a Mother, Oya is not a Goddess to call upon lightly, As a Goddess of women Oya demands one to be strong, honorable and true to self. Goddess Oya may embrace you in Her storms of change but She will also strike you down with Her lightning should the need arise for She is also a Goddess of fertility capable of stripping away what must die in order for the harvest to be abundant.

As women tonight it is time to embrace the virtues of Goddess Oya. If we are called to remember, we must remember Her in the light of day when the gathering under her Moon has ended. If we speak of teaching, sharing and healing we must live true to our words and know energy follows our words. We must recognize that it is we who call forth the gentle rain or prolong the storm into never-ending struggles. In the reflection of Goddess Oya we must weave a tapestry to restore balance of self that others may join us in weaving the great tapestry of Mother into life. In honor of Goddess Oya we make this journey into self tonight.

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    Beautifully stated! Thank you! Stay Blissful ✨

    January 8, 2021 at 10:53 pm
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    That’s me! So happy the photo is being used for this! @armanijones_

    July 26, 2019 at 6:09 pm

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