Goddess Nuit

Goddess Nuit

Goddess Nuit

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Nuit is Goddess of the Sky, the heavens and the starry night that reflects the eternity of the universe. As Mother Goddess of the Night, She is keeper of the unconsciousness and a protector of those who have journeyed through the land of the dead. Her skin is the color of the night sky lit by the starry souls of our dead ancestors who await rebirth. As the Mother Goddess of the Sun, She is a Goddess of resurrection. Each of Her hands and feet touching one of the cardinal points of Earth creating a Circle Of life with no beginning and no end. Her arched body creates the Milky Way filled with the Spiraling lights of Resurrection. Through the love of Goddess Nuit we are all sparks of life manifesting our own paths and free will. Her greatest gift is that we experience life with the promise of all paths leading back to Her.

In the early Egyptian pantheon, Goddess Nuit is the daughter of Shu/ God of Atmosphere and Tefnut/ Goddess of Moisture. Nuit is the Goddess of the Sky who took for her lover, her brother Geb/God of the Earth. Nuit And Geb were the first Devine lovers, endlessly wrap around each other, as above so below. From their union 2 children were created, Sun God Ra and Moon God Thoth. The Sun God Ra became jealous of the constant union of Nuit and Geb claiming he was the creating light Geb the Earth needed. Sun Ra lifted his Mother away from Geb the Earth in attempt to separate the lovers. Goddess Nuit resisted the separation and stretched her body reaching lovingly for her lover. As Sun Ra raised her higher and higher, Her body arched over Earth Geb forming our universe as Her hands and feet stayed connected forming the 4 cardinal points – North, South, East and West. Sun Ra shines his burning pride on Earth every day but he himself returns to the Mother every night, his light illuminating all the souls of the dead that the Mother holds within Her. Moon Thoth, God of Truth and Time, stayed with Goddess Nuit creating the light in the night sky in which we see Her.

In the ancient stories of Africa, the Goddess of the Cosmos is another aspect of Goddess Nuit. Her starry night sky lit with the souls of their ancestors watching over them promised of another realm alternative of the underworld they all feared.

Let us celebrate the Goddess Nuit.

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