Getting a Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

Getting a Psychic Reading

Because some spells can often take time to come to fruition some people are concerned that they will not be able to have psychic readings undertaken during this time. They are also often concerned with the fact that a psychic reading might somehow negatively influence the magic of the spell and impede its progress or even prevent it from manifesting at all.

There are many ways in which you can access psychic readings today, not least in that some, like the casting of spells, can be done remotely over the internet. But however you access a reading you need not concern yourself that it will, in any way, detrimentally affect the magic of the spell.

There are many different kinds of psychic reading available however such readings have no influence over future events and so can have no effect on any spells which have been cast. However, they may help you to feel better and get a better understanding of your situation and a more positive outlook.

Readings Can Not Change the Future

The ability of some to provide such readings is often attributed to many different things and sometimes, but not always, includes the ability to contact spirits from other dimensions. Often though, many psychics, no matter what the medium used, will simply attempt to predict your future as it stands at the moment of the reading. They might use various divination methods to do this, but for you the comfort is provided by having at least some idea of what the future holds in store. Often, although this might involve you personally, it may not directly relate to your future but to that of someone you care about such as a spouse, parent or child.

Readings Can Help Clear Negativity from the Past

Others prefer to participate in psychic readings not in an attempt to define their future but to touch with the past. They might want to seek reassurance from someone who has passed to the other side that they are contented and happy. Often people want to know if their loved one is no longer suffering, or, as frequently happens, they want to reassure their loved one that they did also truly love them in life. This happens to many people, particularly those who have undergone sudden loss only to later realize that the person who is gone might not have known of the intensity of affection for them. So, in this sense, certainly someone contacting a psychic reader to try and contact a person who has gone has very altruistic intentions.

Wiccans Are Not Psychics

Psychic reading though is not considered to be a part of the Wiccan religion and it is very doubtful that any genuine practicing Wiccan would offer such services. Wicca is not about contacting spirits from other dimensions, it is more founded in the earthly spirits and elements which are involved with nature and the earth.

Yet if you have had a spell cast and undergone a reading during this period, it must be recognized that the reading will only be able to provide you with information relating to your situation before the spell has manifested. Clearly, if nothing has yet happened, for example you have had a spell cast on your behalf to try and contact an old love and that has not yet manifested, then this is not yet in your future so the reader can not yet see it.

Because psychic readings are not within the remit of Wiccan practices we do not offer them within the context of this site. However, there are many reliable providers available and some offer their services through the internet. Although not all do some, like the ones listed below, will even provide you with a free initial consultation to allow you to assess the quality of their readings. But, bear in mind that any actions the spell you have had cast will not be picked up by the reader or the method you select.

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