Protection Magick Spell

Protection Magic Spell

Protection Magick Spell

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

Do the Pentacle of the Priestess meditation including chant.

As you visualize the light of Goddess flowing through you as the Pentacle of the Priestess visualize all the power shifting to your right index finger and middle finger.

Trace a pentagram over what you want protected with your index/middle finger

Visualize the light of self (Pentacle of the Priestess) flowing from self into the pentagram you are tracing

Trace three times while chanting:

With this pentagram I lay
Protection here both night and day
And to the ones who should not touch
Let their fingers burn as such.
By all the power of Moon and Sun
I chant this spell now be it done
By all the power of land and sea
As I do will so mote it be

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