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This world is older than any of you know, and contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons, Demons walked the earth; made it their home – their Hell. In time they (the demons) lost their purchase on this reality, and the way was made for the mortal animals. For Man. What remains of the Old Ones are vestiges: certain magics, certain creatures

~ Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Vampires walk among us, though not the type we seen in movies like Interview with a Vampire or Dracula, or in TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. There are those with a different understanding of the metaphysical. They are seen as dangerous and evil beings that take a walk on a darker side. Yet is their existence among us to be feared, shunned and misunderstood or is it for us to break through the myth, and recognize these creatures, beings for whom they are. Not to fear them, but to understand, accept and recognize them. I talk about the vampire.

Vampires are a very real part of our human living. There are those who are drinkers of blood, but more common are those who feed off energy, the psychic, empathic, and astral vampires that we in the pagan community have been taught to fear and shield against. Seen as monsters without ethics, yet are they really? Or are they simply misunderstood souls on the same journey and path as our own, trying to find the place they belong and live with the driving forces and desires that burn within them. To begin to remotely get a grasp on vampirism we will cover history, myths, psychology, the vampire community, types of vampires, methods of feeding, ways of recognizing a vampire and differentiating them from people exhibiting vampiric behaviors. This is a topic that a person could study a lifetime and never come up with a total understanding of, for in the vampire community lies as many views, opinion, practices, and lifestyles as in our very own pagan community. It will be important to note that most of this paper is based off my personal research, experiences and my opinions. This is my outlook on this topic and I hope that it will inspire others to see another point of view, yet also hope it will stir controversy and debate, because that is how we learn and grow.

History and Myths

Where vampirism began is as debatable as creationism vs. evolution. There are many theories and views but every culture has reference to the existence of vampires, though most are very different from out western culture’s obsession with blood sucking immortals, though consistently, vampires are seen as dark and evil creatures to be feared. History has been redirected as much in this area as in our own area of Goddess worship, for many of the vampires talked about are female. Made to be evil, demonic, horrific by the patriarchal society ruled by a male god and figurehead. History of vampirism is as much myth as fact.

Our beloved Lillith is one of my favorite vampires. She was believed to be a Succubus. In medieval legend, a ‘succubus’ (plural succubi; from Latin succubare, “to lie under”) is a female demon which comes to men in their dreams to seduce them and have sexual intercourse with them, drawing energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death. This legend was an explanation for the phenomena of wet dreams, sleep paralysis, an excuse in some cases for unfaithfulness, and unnatural acts of sex that went against the churches teachings. Lillith and the Lilin (Jewish), Belili (Sumerian) and Rusalka (Slavic) were succubi. This particular version of vampire was the excuse for many men who were accused of witchcraft, saying they were lured by or entrapped by a succubus.

Our understanding of the modern-day vampire has it’s roots in Slavic and European myth, story and fact. The Slavic people including most east Europeans from Russia to Bulgaria, Serbia to Poland, have the richest vampire folklore and legends in the world. The Slavs came from north of the Black Sea and were closely associated with the Iranians. Prior to 8th century AD they migrated north and west to where they are now. The origin of Slavic vampire myths developed during 9th C as a result of conflict between pre-Christian paganism and Christianity. Causes of vampirism included: being born with a caul, teeth, or tail, being conceived on certain days, irregular death, excommunication, improper burial rituals etc.

In Romania, they are called Strigoi based on the Roman term strix for screech-owl, which also came to mean demon or witch. Slavic and Romanian vampire lore was largely influenced by Gypsies belief in the “undead”. They believed the dead soul entered a world similar to ours except that there is no death. The soul stayed around the body and sometimes wanted to come back.

The ancient home of the Gypsies, India has many mythical vampire figures. The Bhuta is the soul of a man who died an untimely death. It wandered around animating dead bodies at night and attacked the living like a ghoul. In northern India could be found the brahmaparusha, a vampire-like creature with a head encircled by intestines and a skull from which it drank blood.

The most famous Indian vampire is another one of beloved Goddesses, Kali who had fangs, wore a garland of corpses or skulls and had four arms. Her temples were near the cremation grounds. She and the goddess Durga battled the demon Raktabija who could reproduce himself from each drop of blood spilled. Kali drank all his blood so none was spilled, thereby winning the battle and killing Raktabija.

Yet, in Britain, the vampire was not even recognized until the 18th century. In fact, the word Vampire only came into English language in 1732 via an English translation of a German report of the much publicized Arnold Paole vampire staking in Serbia. This controversy was directly responsible for England’s current vampire myths. It all started with an outbreak of vampire attacks in East Prussia in 1721 and in the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1725-1734.

Two famous cases involved Peter Plogojowitz and Arnold Paole. Plogojowitz died at the age of 62, but came back a couple of times after his death asking his son for food. When the son refused, he was found dead the next day. Soon Plogojowitz returned and attacked some neighbors who died from loss of blood. In the other famous case Arnold Paole, an ex-soldier turned farmer who had been attacked by a vampire years before, died while haying. After death people began to die and it was believed by everyone that Paole had returned to prey on the neighbors.

These two incidents were extremely well documented. Government officials examined the cases and the bodies, wrote them up in reports, and books were published afterwards of the Paole case and distributed around Europe. The controversy raged for a generation. The problem was exacerbated by rural people having an epidemic of vampire attacks and digging up bodies all over the place. Many scholars said vampires didn’t exist – they attributed reports to premature burial, or rabies which causes thirst.

However, Dom Augustine Calmet, a well-respected French theologian and scholar, put together a carefully thought out treatise in 1746 which said vampires did exist. This had considerable influence on other scholars at the time.

Eventually, Austrian Empress Marie Theresa sent her personal physician to investigate. He said vampires didn’t exist and the Empress passed laws prohibiting the opening of graves and desecration of bodies. This was the end of the vampire epidemics. But by then everyone knew about vampires and it was only a matter of time before authors would preserve and mould the vampire into something new and much more accessible to the general public.

Vlad Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory

In our western society, our most beloved vampire, Dracula is based on fact of two historical figures of Slavic ancestry and the great imagination of Brams Stroker. However, the real Vlad Tepes, i.e.; Vlad Dracul, and the countess Elizabeth Bathory were far from the romanticized representation of their blending in Stoker’s infamous book.

Vlad Tepes and Vlad the Impaler were not in fact one person, but father and son. Vlad Tepes was the illegitimate son of Prince Mircea, the ruler of Wallachia, the area of present-day Romania south of the Carpathian Mountains. In 1430 Vlad appeared in Transylvania as an official in charge of securing the Transylvanian border with Wallachia. He resided in Sighisoara, where toward the end of the year his second son, Vlad (later called Vlad the Impaler or Dracula) was born. Vlad Tepes was part of the order of the dragon, thus became known as Vlad Dracul. He was a politically driven man, and in fact played both sides of the fence, playing loyalty to the Christians while making he also signed a pact with the Turks. As this was a very frightening and bloody time in the Carpathians, Vlad Dracul was eventually caught and tortured to death by the order of the Hungarian king and the rule of Wallachia was taken over by the a distant relative of Vlad Dracul known as Vladislav II.

The year after Vlad Dracul’s death his son Vlad Dracula (“son of Dracul”) attempted to assume his throne. He was unable to do so until 1456. Vlad then began his six-year reign, during with his reputation was established. In September he took both a formal oath to Hungarian King Ladislaus V and, a few days later, an oath of vassalage to the Turkish sultan. Vlad’s brutal manner of terrorizing his enemies and the seemingly arbitrary manner in which he had people punished earned him the nickname “Tepes” or “the Impaler” the common name by which he is known today. At Castle Dracula he was faced with overwhelming odds, his army having melted away. He chose to survive by escaping through a secret tunnel and then over the Carpathians into Transylvania. His wife according to local legend, committed suicide before the Turks overran the castle. In Transylvania he presented himself to the new king of Hungary, Matthias Corvinus, who arrested him. At this time the first publications of stories of Vlad’s cruelties were circulating through Europe. Vlad was imprisoned at the Hungarian capital, by 1475 events had shifted to the point that he emerged as the best candidate to retake the Wallachian throne. In the summer of 1475 he was again recognized as the prince of Wallachia. His end came at the hand of an assassin at some point toward the end of December 1476 or early January 1477.

Now into the equation we will put in the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory. Her search for youth led her into a life of murder and obsession with the bathing in and ingestion of blood of young women. Countess Bathory was born in 1560 to George and Anna Bathory, whose family was amongst the oldest and wealthiest of families in Hungary. Elizabeth was also the niece of Stephen Báthory, the king of Poland. Her family promised her to Ferencz Nádasdy when she was only ten and married her to him at fifteen. In keeping with custom, Elizabeth Báthory kept her birth name because her family was more powerful than her husband’s. Her husband was known for his cruelty and torture methods. Elizabeth herself was a very cruel woman and took up torturing and beating her own servant girls. According to record, on day a young servant girl pulled her hair to tight and the Countess slapped her so hard the young girl bled. Some of the blood splashed on the Countesses hand and when she wiped it away, she thought her skin looked younger, so she ordered her other servants to kill the girl and drain her blood so she could bathe in it. The countesses obsession with blood for maintaining her youthful appearance, continued until 1609 when one of her victims escaped and told authorities. In all, the countess and her servants reportedly killed, tortured and bled some 650 girls. The Countess herself being of royalty was not executed for this treachery but locked in her room in her own castle until her death three years later. All of her servants were executed.

The Vampire of Modern Day

Society Bred Vampires

The vampire community in America is growing quickly. This can be attributed to all of the Psychic self defense books being read in the pagan community, great story writers like Christina Freehan and Anne Rice, movie producers like John Carpenter, and bands like Inkubus Succubus and Type O Negative. This growth can also be attributed to an awakening on a higher level of spirituality of those truly with a vampire soul. This is where we get into recognizing the difference between those drawn to the “lifestyle” of the vampire and those truly vampiric. Society bred vampires are those who live the music, the movie, the game to the point that there own individuality becomes meshed with the characters they idolize. These types of people are seeking acceptance, often outcasts, loners, non conformists, latch key kids, abuse victims, find comfort in the death and romance of immortality a vampire’s life offers. Unfortunately, this type of life is based on fiction and the “vampire” or “life styler” will still does not find what they are looking for, but fall once again into destructive life patterns of drugs, sex addictions, blood fetishes, abuse, depression, suicide and homicide. These are the ones who make the news for destructive deeds; many worship Satan and claim to be Satanic Vampires and Witches. Many times this is a way to rebel against mom and dad, society, or gain recognition by adverse means to draw attention to oneself such as in the case of Jonathan Sharkey the man who was running for governor of Minnesota under the Vampire, Werewolf and Pagan party.

The Kentucky Vampire Clan is another example of what I call society-bred vampires. This young group of people came together after reading fictional books, playing vampire games, and formed a Vampire Cult. These teenage kids began by bloodletting to gain power, moved onto small animals, and eventually murdered the parents of one of its members. Here is a news article written about the case:
Teenagers Arrested in Vampire Cult Murder, December 2, 1996, Kristine Tansky, reporter.

A group of Kentucky teen-agers who claim to be members of a vampire cult face a court hearing today in a double murder case. Authorities say the teens were involved in a strange game that went much too far. The teen-agers were arrested Thanksgiving night by Louisiana police as they drove up to a hotel in the victims’ Ford Explorer. Richard and Naoma Wendorf were found beaten to death in their Florida home earlier last week. The teens had been on the run for three days. Officials say at first they thought the victims’ 15-year-old daughter Heather had been abducted by her parents’ killer, but soon they realized she was among the chief suspects.

The other four suspects are all teen-agers from western Kentucky, where police say they were involved in a cult known as `The Vampire Clan.’ The Murray, Kentucky, sheriff’s office says there was no evidence of satanic rituals in the deaths, but all five teens claim to be vampires. They all admit to participating in human blood drinking rituals, where they cut their arms and suck each other’s blood. Heather told friends she was a demon in past lives and talked to spirits.

The group is also suspected of breaking into the local animal shelter and mutilating two puppies. Police spent the weekend searching the Mississippi River bank, where they allegedly threw out the murder weapon. It’s said to be some type of metal object, perhaps a crowbar. All five suspects will be extradited to Florida to face murder charges as early as tomorrow.

The Dracula Syndrome

Many of these types of people have blood fetishes, where the smell and taste of blood sexually arouses them. This is known as “The Dracula Syndrome”. An example of this is the case of Peter Kürten.

In 1913, in the locked room of an inn at Koln-Mulheim in the Rhine River Valley, on the second floor, a 10-year-old girl was found murdered in bed. It appeared that she’d been disturbed while asleep and there were bruises on her neck. Upon closer inspection, investigators noticed two incisions on her throat, one shallow and the other deep. Next to the bed, the mat had absorbed a large amount of blood, but there was little on the bedclothes. Bruising around the victim’s genitals indicated forced penetration but no semen was found. Sixteen years passed without incident, and that’s because Kürten was in prison for something else. When he came back to town, another young girl, this one only 8, was found nude and stuffed under a hedge. A week later, a 45-year-old mechanic was found dead next to a road, bleeding from 20 stab wounds, many of which had been to his temples.

Six months went by before two girls were murdered at the fair grounds. The five-year-old was manually strangled and her throat was cut. The 14-year-old was also strangled and then beheaded. Both were left lying a few feet apart near a footpath.

There were other attacks in which the victims survived, but then one night an adolescent girl was raped and battered to death with a hammer. Six weeks later, a 5-year-old child disappeared and a letter came to a local newspaper written by her killer. He offered a map to the body and police soon found the strangled, battered body. She’s been stabbed 36 times. The letter also described the location of the corpse of another young woman who’d been missing for several months.
Citizens began to think they had a Satanic monster in their midst. Kürten and his wife were among those discussing the matter, so she was surprised when the police arrived one day to question her husband about an attempted rape.

Once he was in custody, Kürten confessed to everything. He explained that he’d committed numerous assaults and 13 murders, and admitted to drinking the blood from many of his victims because blood excited him. He’d once bitten the head off a swan, he stated, and ejaculated as he drank its blood.

True Vampires

A true vampire is one who has been born vampire. The soul being vampire for many life times. These people are often very intuitive, have a better understanding of the metaphysical that most and have known since birth they were different somehow. A vampire can be awakened, but a vampire cannot be made. A person either is or they are not, it is destined from birth.

The vampire community exists of true vampire souls and have now are beginning to come together in order to teach and define who and what they are, to clear up misunderstandings about them. Many groups, such as the House of Khepura, The Strigoi Vii, The Society of Vampires, The Church of the Vampire, are publicly speaking out and on this topic. There are specific traits vampires have, yet we as humans can also exhibit these same behaviors because of spiritual and emotional imbalance. All humans feed off of something, however this does not make all humans vampires. This is where we separate true vampires from those who think they are or those we misinterpret as being vampire.

Types of Vampires

There are many different types of vampires. Here is where we will break them down, talk about feeding methods, and recognizing these souls who are true vampire souls from those who are not.

Immortal Vampires

Immortal beings are another topic of controversy as some people believe in immortals and some do not. Fact being our souls lives even when our bodies die, so in a sense we are immortal, but our bodies are not. However to totally disregard immortal beings (I didn’t say humans) would be as absurd as disregarding angels, spirits, ghosts, aliens, etc. Our understanding of mortality and our life expectancy dictates to our minds the impossibilities of this phenomenon yet there are those who never seem to age and are always around. But for this particular class, vampires are not immortal and drinking the blood of a vampire will not turn one into an immortal vampire.

Sanguine Vampires

Sanguine Vampires (or Sanguinarians) are vampires who feed by drinking blood. Unlike in the movies where the blood is the substance of existence for the vampire, replacing food and drink, for a true sanguine vampire it is not the blood itself that they are feeding on. It is the life-force energy contained within the blood. These types of vampires believe that the life force, the prana energy is contained with in the blood cells themselves.

Sanguinarians often describe blood drinking as a very fulfilling, very powerful and somewhat intoxicating experience. It also tends to be a rather intimate form of feeding because it is a physical sharing of energy, whether the vampire gets the blood from a donor bank or an actual person, it is a physical connection. A true sanguine vampire is not the psychotic person who goes around killing people for blood, pleasure, and sexual gratification.

These people/vampires often show physical signs of disease related to iron and blood deficiencies, which can only be replaced with the ingestion of blood. Poryphia, Anemia and other such blood deficiencies lead to a pale complexion, sluggishness, and lack of energy that is helped tremendously by the ingestion of protein. Blood and rare meat are a great source of this protein. Others realize they need this type of energy from the blood and discretely obtain it and go on with their lives in a secretive and productive fashion. This is much different from people confusing a blood fetish, being aroused and turned on by blood during sex, who think they are vampires, or those suffering from “The Dracula Syndrome” who once again get off sexually by killing, torturing or mutilating their victims.

Elemental Vampires

Elemental Vampires are vampires that are able to feed on the life force energies of the elements; earth, wind, fire, and water. Some will say that elemental vampires are elementalists who are able to manipulate elemental energies and then convert those energies into consumable life-force energies. Others will say that elemental vampires feed directly from elemental life-force energies. There are also those that will say that vampires who feed on life-force energies from plants and animals are also elemental vampires. However, there are those that distinguish such vampires as nature vampires. Another method of feeding often considered a subcategory or specialization of elemental feeding is electrical feeding; the indirect feeding on energies in electrical fields and lightning. Others will distinguish such vampires as electrical vampires.

Now, many people I have talked to would consider me an elemental vampire, because when feeling down or disconnected from Goddess will in fact go into the elements to raise my own energy to connect back to her. However, the difference is, I don’t have to do this, I choose to use the elements as my tool to reconnect. That is the key I believe in all vampires and those showing vampire behavior, the need or the choice of using energy.

Sexual Vampires

Sexual Vampires are vampires who feed on the life-force energies generated from having sex, especially the excess energies generated at the moment of orgasm. They can do so psychically and/or from bodily fluids.
Now I have done this before myself, used sex to raise energy for myself when in a bad relationship. Often acting as a Succubus, to further take away from the person who was hurting me. This was my way of being in control and feeling like I “got him back” without him knowing it. However, this was not because of a vampiric soul, but because of spiritual and emotional imbalances in myself. Which we will talk about in the last part of this class.

Astral Vampires

Astral Vampires are vampires that are able to travel through the astral plane and feed off of the life-force energies of other entities within the astral plane, and/or they are able to materialize in astral form and feed off the life-force energies of people who are usually asleep. Along with this definition of Astral vampire goes what is known as the Dreamscape Vampire. This is a person who can travel astrally and enter into the dreams of others. Now this might sound like fiction to some, but if you have ever had a dream where you felt like you were being attacked, or like something or someone was out-of-place in your dream, it is highly possible you had a visitor. Not all people who astral project are vampires, not all astral or dreamscape vampires will harm a person with ill intent, like in a night terror. In fact many who feed off of prana energy this way feel it is the least obtrusive and unnoticeable method of feeding. However with all abilities and gifts, there are those who will abuse it. Knowing how astral travel works, controlling it and your surroundings is a key way to recognize and deal with vampires that step over the ethic boundary of respect. (But this is a whole other class in itself).

Psychic and Empathic Vampires

These are the vampire’s pagans fear and misunderstand the most. This is the heart and soul of this class. There is a big misconception between actual psi and empathic vampires and those known as psychic and emotional vampires. One set are true vampire souls reborn into human form, the second set are those people whom because of imbalance, codependency, abuse, or tragedy, exhibit vampiric behavior. The true vampire once awakened is aware of their actions; the person with vampiric behavior is often oblivious to what they do.

We will first talk about the true vampire souls, traits, feeding and behaviors, then go into the “society bred” vampires.

PSI (or PSY) Vampires

PSI (or PSY) Vampires  are vampires that feed psychically on life force energies. Psi feeding (in any form) can be done from an individual (most often a willing donor) or from the ambient energies of a group or crowd. However, psi feeding can also be done from a person without the person realizing that they are being fed from, although many may consider it to be unethical to do so. In the world of the Psi Vampire are multitudes of levels of path, belief, understanding and ethics.

One of the most famous groups of Psi Vampires is House Kheperu, group of author Michelle Belanger who wrote “The Psychic Vampire Codex”. Though as a witch I would not agree with every thing she writes, I would recommend this book to anyone who has questions about the vampire community because she writes this from her experiences, her and her houses views, and shares many of their practices which are very informative and actually good working tools. This particular group follows the Wheel of the Year, believes greatly in past lives, mutual respect among the members, and respect of the people they feed off of. They have an interesting theory that certain types of vampires within their own group as they come back in each lifetime as vampire have developed an abnormality in certain chakra’s which makes them the type of vampire they are. Very into understanding energy and chakra’s, they are very much like us in our own coven.

Methods of feeding for a psi vampire vary. Some go into malls and feed off the excess energy of large groups of people, others scan their victims for abnormalities or blockages in chakra’s and feed of the “stagnant” energy in someone, believing they are doing a favor of unblocking to that person. The danger in that is unblocking a chakra the person is not ready to unblock. From experience true psi vampires do not take in excess, they take only what they need. It is a balance of dark and light for them. For they need to feed to obtain substance, but cannot go against the natural code of things and take too much. In many aspects, psi vampires work with the shadow that many of us as witches are afraid to face and work with.

Empathic Vampires

Empathic Vampires are those who feed off the excess emotion of people. In this class of vampire are those who feed off of all emotion and those who only feed off of negative and chaotic emotion feeling they are helping those by taking the negative away. Empathic vampires will be drawn to people and events where emotions run high, for this is where they thrive. Sporting events, bars, concerts, etc. Feeding methods are the same; they breathe in or filter in the energy of air around them. Feeding off the trails of energy and emotion we all leave in our passing. This is often enough for these types of vampires.

Psychic and Emotional Vampires

Psychic vampires are the type of people that we as pagans have been taught about in all of the books and literature on psychic self-defense. It is not by belief that these types of people for the most part are actual vampire souls but people who have gone through bad spots in their lives, have not connections to Goddess, have closed chakra’s and are existing in a state of utter confusion and chaos. We have all met the person who when we are around them, we leave feeling drained of all physical energy we came with. We find these people attaching to us in ways of leaving something at our house consistently, owing us money, needing to know where we are or what we are doing, calling or contacting us more than once a day just because. These are people with a psychological need for attention often creating situations where they are needed or feel needed whether it is a healthy situation or not. They will create crisis in order to fix it, they will be the martyr in a relationship, the victim, and the person who is always sick or has an undefined illness. They are chaos junkies and drama queens. Often creating chaos and confusion in their wake so they can feed from it, disregarding effects on those they choose to involve.

These people are often times co-dependent on something other than a higher power, having put love, greed, sex, power in the place of Goddess/God. As this imbalance grows they must produce the energy they thrive off of that fills the void of spiritual balance. These are the ones that leave the worst effect on us and the ones that can stop the process and disturbances if they chose to make healthy lifestyle changes, therefore they are “society bred” vampires and not true vampire souls.

Unawakened Vampire

Now even more destructive is and unawakened vampire soul living in the midst of the world of the unbalanced psychic vampire. These individuals have the dark lurking presence of the soul trying to come out and be recognized and the uncontrolled feeding of the unbalanced human host. For as the vampire soul is very metaphysical from many lives of existence, the human host needing energy from whatever event has led to this unbalanced state, this person could in fact unknowingly take from wherever energy is and leave the victim or donor exhausted of all emotion and energy without knowing they have done it.

Recognizing a True Vampire

Being a person who seems to drawn true vampires and social bred vampires, I will try to explain how to differentiate them from on another besides the obvious one of look, dress, etc.
Simply if we are on the correct path with Goddess and trust our own intuition and wisdom, then to see a true vampire soul is as simple as looking into their eyes. We have all looked into each others eyes and our cellular memory have at times recognized each other, or we feel a certain energy, but we know we are a kindred kind. Same with a vampire. As we are drawn to each other, vampires are drawn to each other. And if we trust ourselves will know them as they also know us.

My first experience in actually recognizing a vampire soul was my first meeting with what I at the time labeled “the beast”, only to find out that is exactly what it is. The following is an article written by Countess Amenti, a wonderful woman and vampire I have met in a discussion group, which describing the beast and the merging of the beast, the vampire soul and the human host. Once you have met the beast in someone who is unawakened or awakened and fighting themselves, you will never forget the dark lurking depth of their eyes. The person I met I was not afraid of, but knew there was a difference in him than me. A reason he was drawn to my energy but was unable to take what he desired. To meet the beast is like looking at a caged animal behind human eyes, I felt as if I were dealing with two people at one time, though I instinctively knew that it was not a case of possession or split personality.

Meet the Beast ( aka The Hunger ) Part 1/3

An Introduction to your own Beast short to say, the beast friend and enemy. It’s the mortal hungry coil to our vampirism, it’s the reason why we feed. If you think you seen bad guys in your life, the Beast is worse!
But every vampire has to deal with it, his or her personal Beast. It goes also by the names as “the Thirst” or “the Hunger” and if we don’t feed… we go wild.

The Beast is a survival mechanism within the vampire, which ensures the vampire feeds even though the vampire might not know it yet. It keeps the body functioning and is hardwired with the vampire existence. It would be too much honor to call it the vampire soul since it’s not that, but it’s part of the vampire.
Underfeeding will make you meet the Beast pretty easy. There are a few people who have put personal stories about such up, if the Beast awakens to claim its food the human mind is too nimble to resist, at said moment the Beast takes over and you will act very different, violently and dangerous to people around you. The Beast doesn’t cares about human ideals and things like respect… it only has one thing it wants… to be fed. And if you don’t provide it with its food you soon enough find out about it.

It is part of the vampire so to say and something we have to deal with for our life. During the changes in phases of our lives we will have to adjust things at time, just like our feeding pattern might change. Change is a constant in human life, in every life, in case of the vampire we just have to also keep our vampirism in check.

Meeting the Vampire soul (aka Survival) Part 2/3

To understand more about vampirism you have to understand how a human generally is build up. The Vampire as an astral creature so in this case we don’t talk about how DNA steers us but more about things in bigger terms, the human exists out of a mind, body and soul. It takes those three to make a human, or any animal to start with. A sense of your own being isn’t even needed to have a soul so to say.

But what makes the vampire different from the human is its soul. Instead of dying and hopefully going into a new body at random as some say, the vampire has mastered life and death and has become master of its own future. This at a price, as to survive it needs more life energy as most humans. The Precise workings of how the vampire deals with dying and getting a new body is beyond the scope of written language.

In the new body, born again it has a clean mind and a new life. Even though the persona of the vampire soul will merge with the new host, the host is different from the vampire soul. Vampires are kind of attracted to each other, and the vampire probably will meet old friends, old soul friends so to say. Even though the persons don’t know each other the souls will remember each other. For the Vampire soul the body is like a jacket, it can be replaced if needed. It sounds harsh, but survival is what counts in the end. The Vampire can keep a body working for long but the human body has its limits and there are diseases in what the vampire can’t save the body. In such reality is the death of the body the only option.

Where Soul and Beast meet Part 3/3

Vampires are predators and fighters, their bodies are kept working through methods beyond the use of normal humans, but this costs energy, life energy, Prana. As the person finds out he/she is a vampire he/she will go through an awakening. In short time changes are set in place in what in the end will cause the person to fully have use of his vampiric Existence. A vampire will have better stronger Immune defenses against normal diseases and if they get sick they are able to fight it back stronger, supplied that they are fed well. >br>On the other hand if the vampire doesn’t feeds his protection gets weaker and he gets sick much easier. The vampire must feed and keep his energy levels up to benefit from stronger health. In the end the vampire probably doesn’t dies due to lack of Prana, more due to a disease slipping through the weakened immunity. The Beast exists to ensure that the Prana levels don’t dive to low; also it can give the body strength when needed. But it is very irrational and ,/p> very instinctive.

End Word

Is a vampire then still a human, even though they carry a vampire soul and a beast, of course they are. Living breathing humans, adapted to work with energy.

Even though vampires feed from humans they are not out to harm humans unless humans harm them. Vampires are humans also, with families and friends, with jobs and kids, with troubles and ideas. Many vampires find their place in society and are not harmful in any way.

The meeting of the beast, the chaotic disruption of our lives when coming into contact with a psychic or emotional vampire and the misconceived ideas of vampirism and the vampire soul has led to a mind-set of us (pagans) against them (vampires). We have learned to fear those who use energy in a way we do not understand, thus many teachings of protection and fear have entered into our pagan community. Not too much unlike the mentality of Christians fear of pagans and witches.

Our pagan community has shielded against this type of energy sucking behavior. However, I feel we have missed the mark by shielding and blocking these people with the out of mind out of sight mentality and have not seen the desperate need of the person who suffers from vampiric behavior but who is merely an unbalanced soul. And we have shielded and pushed away those vampire souls who are here to learn and grow as we do, thinking we need to not be like them, when in reality we might be able to learn from each other as we have all inherited various spiritual gifts. I believe it is our (my) duty as a child of Goddess to embrace all of her creatures, in this I mean whether we are witch, druid, vampire, healer or seer, we are all of a kindred spirit for we all seek the same outcome, only coming to it by different paths. For the world of the Goddess is of balance, therefore she has created those who work only in the light of her, those who work only in the dark of her and those who see all her many faceted sides and believe that without one the others cannot exist.

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  • mRX Reply

    how to be a vampire?

    March 30, 2020 at 7:18 am
  • Carina Reply

    Love this

    July 10, 2019 at 5:35 pm
  • Esben Reply

    This was both beautiful… and something I needed. Thank you, so very much.

    February 22, 2018 at 8:22 pm

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