Prosperity Magick Spell

Prosperity Magick Spell

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

Items needed:

  • altar oil
  • bowl of consecrated salt water
  • green candle
  • 5 silver coins
  • your witches wand
  • dragons blood
  • small table (next to altar)

Collect all items in a Full Moon Circle. Set bowl of salt water, green candle and 5 silver coins in center of table, draw a pentacle with wand and dragons blood-chanting a line with each line of the pentacle drawn.

Hail to thee Great Mother
In thee are love and truth united
In thee are all things held in harmony
Be thou our light
Thou who shall be our guide through the ages

Draw a circle around pentacle with wand and altar oil chanting

By the circle that is life, So mote it be

Light candle – pass each coin over flame, dip in water then place a coin at each point of the pentacle starting at spirit point chanting:

Spirit – Gracious Goddess of the moon grant our needs and wishes soon
East – Let our thoughts be empowered with the might of the winds
South – Let our desires be fed by the flames of the fire
West – Let our wisdom flow from the abundant sea
North – Let our prosperity come into manifestation

Dance around table circle raising energy

Silver coins that sparkle bright
Grant my wish this full moon night
Prosperity abundantly meet my needs
As I do will, so mote it be

Leave all in pentacle till daylight…

Do you want our coven to cast a Prosperity Spell for you?

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