Do Spells Really Work?

Do Spells Work?

Do Spells Really Work?

Despite all modern technology and knowledge has to offer, there can be little doubt that there are many things we still do not know. Take for instance the very word, ‘placebo.’ More often than not, clinicians will use this word to denote that something is all in the mind, or imaginary. And, because of this, the word placebo is quite derogatory in nature.

Yet what modern science fails to accept is that very often placebos work the practical sense. Allowances are even made for the ‘placebo effect’ in clinical trials – where patients have real diagnosed conditions but are known to show improvements even when given a placebo in exchange for the real drug. Is then the placebo something imaginary? Science, more than any other discipline should surely say it is not. What they should say is, ‘there is an effect but we don’t know why, or more importantly how, it works. We simply don’t understand it yet.’

And so it can be considered a similar principle with spell casting. We do not yet understand our connection to nature, to other dimension elements, to the power of our own minds and also that of so-called ‘positive thinking.’ Does positive thinking have any real benefit in a practical sense? Is it really necessary? Well, today we still don’t really know and it could in some way simply be our faith that something will work which impacts the fact that it does. Again, we hark back to the placebo, to the patients who are given a sugar pill and told it will work and so find it does. Yet they are not focusing on thinking with positivity, they simply have faith in the ‘medication’ they truly believe has been prescribed.

This might then answer the question as to how spells work when they are cast by someone on our behalf. We can think with positivity but most of all we must have faith in that they will result in real outcomes, and it is here that perhaps we should concentrate most of our energies.

Although we have also become accustomed to instant gratification in our society, we have to appreciate that, as with most things, this is a very recent development in our society. We might today expect that we can have goods we want almost immediately because of the advent of credit. Yet, in the past, what we wanted we had to save for. Again, with medicine, we might expect to go to the doctor and get antibiotics which provide almost immediate results. Or maybe to be offered blood tests which will give us at least a good idea of the nature of our disease. But, in the past, physicians would rely on observation to diagnose a patient, and that could take a long time to achieve – and perhaps be too late for some people. Neither did many traditional medications provide an immediate response, and an infected cut, which is easily treated with antibiotics today, could easily be as life threatening as many terminal illnesses.

And so it is with magic and spell casting. The results are not instantaneous, it is unlikely you are going to wish for money in the morning and have achieved a large check in the afternoon. But spells can, and often for reasons unknown, work to your desires. Be reasonable. Be sensible. Be careful in your choices. Remember that Wicca is a religion that requires a good amount of moral self-governing. Then apply faith to the situation. Not only in those who are casting the spell on your behalf but also in the world around you and the power of the earth and the forces of nature. Take these gifts, do not take them for granted and let the magic work in your favor.

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