For I am Yours – Chant and Praise

I am yours chant

For I am Yours – Chant and Praise

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

by Silver Wind

The mist rolls over the mountains
And a stirring in my being arises
The hair on my neck tingles
And my senses turn to you.

The darkness of the night envelopes me
A crow flies by,
Then upon the silver wind
There comes to me your scent
And I know you are close

Our souls meet within the mist
No words are spoken as my heart races
For though miles separate us I feel you
Beside me, with me, within me.

Your touch is gentle yet firm
Breathe sweet but hot on the back of my neck
I am weak with in your embrace
Enraptured by your grace

As your ancient soul speaks to mine
I have found rapture and peace
For though we have not met
I have known you for the ages

What I am you may take
For thou will is my own
My dark prince of the night…
For I am yours

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