How To Enhance Your Spell Work

Enhance your Spells

How To Enhance Your Spell Work

Last Updated on November 23, 2021 by Coven of the Goddess

Whether you have cast a spell yourself or had one cast on your behalf there is at least one thing you must remember; the Wiccan faith requires that you follow basic principles and failing to uphold these principles means that, in reality, you have little or no faith in this particular form of worship.


Wicca though does not require that you have faith in a particular spiritual deity, although, if you already belong to a coven then you will have at least one that you worship, but it does require that, at the very least, you believe in the principles from which the religion is formed.

So, by definition, if you ask that a spell be cast, then you must also believe that it will work under the particular form of worship that you go to asking for help. If you do this then you are already halfway to making your spell successful and enhancing its efficacy.

Positive Thinking

There is much talk today of positive thinking but few really consider what this actually means. Does it mean we have to walk around simply believing that the spell will work without really understanding why? Is it actually possible to do this or is positivity without a solid foundation simply paying lip service to something for the sake of it?

In truth, you can only really be positive about something if you truly understand it and therefore believe it will work. And often that positivity is founded in faith. If the faith is there then you should also practice what you preach and adhere to what are essentially life-changing actions and thoughts, and here we see that positivity actually has a tangible form.

Wicca and Nature

We understand that the Wiccan religion has its foundation in earth and nature and so opening your mind to the wonderment of the planet and its existence is one way of reinforcing your faith – and, of course, enhancing spell work. We also understand that the faith focuses on the seasons and what they bring to us – life itself. Becoming aware of when seasons change and, more importantly, why, is often a very good way of reinforcing your faith and enhancing your spell work. After all, who can deny that Mother Nature has done an excellent job of providing us with an environment which can support our existence.

Wicca and You

One major principle of Wicca is also that you participate in self-governing moral behavior. You cannot behave badly and hope someone, or even a god, has not seen you. You cannot avoid or delay punishment until later because you are responsible, at least in part, for your spell working. If, when you examine your behavior particularly in certain situations and know that it needs remedying, then simply get along and do it. The only person to suffer is you if you don’t. And, aside from possibly causing your own spell to fail, you might well attract bad Karma for the future.

Alongside self-governing behavior you might also want to consider the third principle of Wicca – which relates to sexuality and the right to be who you are. If you are someone who tends to be judgmental of others and looks at their lifestyle critically, again you may well want to rethink the situation.

So, there are many ways you can enhance spell work and in other articles, we focus on meditation and spiritual cleansing which can also help the magic work its wonder. But remember that Wicca is like any other form of worship and, simply by asking for something to be done, doesn’t always mean it will come true if you have no inclination for that particular religion.

We wish you much success on your spiritual journey.

Blessed be*

Your Coven of the Goddess

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