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Sacred Space & Sacred Practices

Meditation Meditation is a practice that is utilized by every faith tradition. The form of meditation that I will be teaching in this class is the practice that I have learned from the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. This is the first level of mastering the mind for magickal work. At its most basic, meditation is the practice of clearing & quieting the mind. This is easier than it sounds. Our minds are constantly humming with activity. A meditation practice works to create...

The Knowledge of Quieting

I am not sure how all of you are but I like to do a lot of research and information gathering in order to solve my problems or to improve my life. I will use books, word-of mouth, and a lot of internet (goddess bless Google) to find out what I need to know. I love knowledge. I would be lost if one day I just quit learning. Thankfully I am sure that will never happen for any of...

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