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Invoking and Evoking Goddess

We are all of one cosmic energy As humans, we are all unique. We have differences that run so deep that it has given way to energies such as hate, anger and discrimination. These energies are some of the most prominent energies in our society today. By creating a “all for one’s self” type of mentality, they draw lines between us, by passing what is good for the Whole. As a Pagan, I chose to try to honor what makes us all...

Cleansing and Attuning Tools

Psychic grunge is attracted to psychic activity, it is heavy and will stick to anything you hold precious. This spell is to cleanse your tools and attune them to your spirit. Items needed for cleansing and attuning your tools: All tools including book of shadows (all magick items) in a basket small table set up to left of altar red wine consecrated water and salt vial of oil red candle dove's blood sage stick incense Gather all items in a full moon...

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