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Five Spells You Can Use to Improve your Financial Situation

Wealth means different things to different people. For some we may consider ourselves wealthy if we have good health. Others might consider that having a solid, loving relationship makes us rich, but for others money is the more direct interpretation. Relative Improvements But there are many ways in which we might want to improve our financial situation. And, once again, everything is relative. To a business man who is desperate to keep his company afloat and not only secure his future [...]

The Difference between Karmic, Soulmate and Twin-Flame Relationships

Most people traverse the course of their life, not alone, but with someone. Indeed it is often one of the greatest fears of the human animal - that of being alone. But, no doubt, most of us settle for second best simply because of our innate fear of being alone. And also, of course, we often settle simply because society requires us to. Soulmates Yet frequently we hear of people searching for their soulmate. For that one individual who is our [...]

The Benefits of Spiritual Cleansing

Throughout the Wiccan teachings what we come to learn is that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. We are also taught that one of the major principles of Wicca is that we are responsible for our own behavior and, as a consequence, ultimately responsible for our own quality of life and destiny. These teachings are reiterated over and over again. They arise when we talk of Pagan worship. They appear again when we discuss the principle of Karma. Even [...]

The Time Between Casting and Manifestation

One of the most tense times for those who have spells cast on their behalf is waiting for the spell to manifest in reality. There can be little doubt that even when you have cast a spell yourself sometimes waiting for the outcome can be an anxious time particularly for the less experienced practitioner. So waiting, without direct contact, when someone else has performed the magic can frequently be very difficult. Of course this is often worse if it [...]

Getting a Psychic Reading

Because some spells can often take time to come to fruition some people are concerned that they will not be able to have psychic readings undertaken during this time. They are also often concerned with the fact that a psychic reading might somehow negatively influence the magic of the spell and impede its progress or even prevent it from manifesting at all. There are many ways in which you can access psychic readings today, not least in that some, like [...]

Do Spells Really Work?

Despite all modern technology and knowledge has to offer, there can be little doubt that there are many things we still do not know. Take for instance the very word, ‘placebo.’ More often than not, clinicians will use this word to denote that something is all in the mind, or imaginary. And, because of this, the word placebo is quite derogatory in nature. Yet what modern science fails to accept is that very often placebos work the practical sense. Allowances [...]

Reasons to use a Love Spell

When we think of love spells perhaps our minds tend to jump too easily to the conclusion that all love spells are about attracting new love, but this is certainly very far from the truth. There are many reasons for using a love spell and, as you will see, most of us have good cause for casting a spell involving love at some point in our lives. New Love If we are looking for new love, whether we are young or [...]

Do Love Spells Backfire?

When it comes to spells ‘backfiring’ the interpretation can be used to describe many different things and Love Spells backfiring are no more susceptible to this problem than any other spell which you might have cast on your behalf. The Right Practitioner As another article discusses there is much focus on secrecy when it comes to casting Wiccan spells and one reason for this is because spells, in the hands of the novice, can be miscast. In some situations this simply [...]

Circle Casting – How Witches cast the Circle

There are ancient ways to cast a circle, handed down from Witch to Witch to teach the ways of the old. There will be as many opinions as there are ways. Trust your heart and trust the Goddess. In creating sacred space the words should be spoken from the heart as a connection with the elements are envisioned. The words are empowered through your belief and your truth. The Goddess is eternal, she will show you the way. Blessed Be This [...]

What is Wicca?

Although there is a tendency to categorize many of the practices which are outside, or even on the periphery of mainstream worship, as being something which is strongly related to our concept of the occult world, most of them, including Wicca are simply different forms of religion. And, if we simple scrape the surface of our ancestry, what we find is that many of these forms of worship preceded recognized religions by hundreds of years. The Practice of Wicca The practice [...]

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