Goddess Gaia

Goddess Gaia

Goddess Gaia

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In the beginning there was Gaia, a beautiful Goddess born from the great void of the Air known as Khaos. Goddess Gaia was life, a single living cell, dividing and re-dividing in its own creation. As beautiful as life was Goddess Gaia was alone in the great void of Khaos so once again She created life of Herself and gave birth to the Starry Heaven- Ouranos. She longed for Him to be her mate and lie with Her at night.

Goddess Gaia then gave birth to the sun to grant the light. She gave birth to the Oceans and the life within the oceans. She gave birth to the forest and the life within the forest. She gave birth to time, whom she name Kronos and life as we know it on Earth began. Goddess Gaia continued to bear many more children for as She was life She must continue to create or She would cease to be.

This however did not please Ouranous and He grew jealous of Her life granting energy. He began to hide Her children so soon as each was born, and would not allow them Her love. Ouranos rejoiced in his evil doing.

Goddess Gaia wept in pain at the hatred of Ouranous. She who was filled with love could not understand the smothering He put upon Her. She who was bright with creation could not understand Him not sharing in Her joy. She turned within, hiding Herself from Him and protecting Her children within Herself. Goddess Gaia began to swell with the life She held inside. She long to be free of the control of Ouranous and even more She long for the life inside of Her to be free. Something had to give and it was life or death for Goddess Gaia.

Deep from within Goddess Gaia groaned and created a great sickle made out of flint. She presented it to Her children and pleaded them to help Her. All but Kronos stood aside, for all feared the great shadow Ouranous had become.

With wisdom Kronos answered his dear mother: “Mother, I will undertake to do this deed, for I reverence not our father of evil name, for he first thought of doing shameful things. Great Mother you are life and I am time, never shall we cease to be.”

Later Ouranos came, bringing the night and longing for Goddess Gaia. He lay upon Her taking Her without thought of Her pain or needs. Goddess Gaia remains silent for there was no joy in hurting Her first-born. There was no celebration in Her heart only the knowledge and acceptance of what must be done.

From the shadows Her son Kronos silently came forth. Stretching forth his right hand He took the penis of Ouranous and with the sickle in His left hand He swiftly lopped off his own father’s member. In pain Ouranous withdrew form Goddess Gaia retreating into the darkness of the Starry Heaven.

Kronos ever swift threw the penis of Ouranous into the surging sea where it was swept away with the current. The blood and sperm spilling into the foam of the ocean as it ejaculated one last time. The sperm of Ouranos once again sought Goddess Gaia in the womb of Her ocean and from this union Aphrodite as born. Created from Her Mothers freedom and the sexual desires of Her father, Goddess Aphrodite would live true to Her self and come to rule over the pleasure of men and their sexual desires.

Goddess Gaia and all the life She would create was once again free. The starry Ouranous confined to heaven and allowed redemption by granting sanctuary to all souls awaiting rebirth into Goddessís Gaia realm.

Goddess Gaia is life as we know it. Ever evolving and everlasting. As women we must reflect our Mother by living life and having the courage to face what does not work in our lives. If we allow control of another be they family, friend or mate, we too will turn within and cease to be the woman we are capable of becoming. As Witches we call upon the will of Goddess Gaia that we may create and give birth to our own divine spark of life. As Witches we call upon the will of Goddess Gaia to defeat any and all that would control us or cause us harm. Blessed be to Goddess Gaia and our own life as it should and can be.


Picture: Josephine Wall

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