Who Am I – Chant and Praise

I am Chant

Who Am I – Chant and Praise

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

by Silver Wind Woman

Breath of life into my soul
Awakening all that lies deep within
Who am I to deny where my destiny lies.

I see myself in shadow, a life long ago
Where hurt turned into madness and
Inconsolable pain turned to wrath.

Light into darkness, changing the world
As I knew it and creating a monster of hate
Within all I touched and could not love.

Power beyond reckoning to hurt as I had been,
But now as my karmic path unfolds a twist
In this tale now begins

From madness to love
Turn chaos to peace
Healing the monster I once unleashed

For Her light now shines forth,
Guiding me along my way, to heal
Those who hurt with love

A power beyond reckoning, turning the tide
Becoming the witch I have been called to be
Who am I to deny where my destiny lies…..

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