The Importance of Spell Secrecy

Spell Secrecy

The Importance of Spell Secrecy

No doubt that the complete world of magic and spell casting is often surrounded by secrecy and there are many and varied reasons for this being so. Historically, we know that witches were associated with evil and could be persecuted, so it would make sense to keep who they were, and what they did, secret.

The Secret Ingredients

We also know that there was, as there still is today, a great amount of secrecy surrounding the ingredients of any potions made which are necessary to cast spells effectively. In the past, like now, you could go and have spells cast on your behalf, but whether you are casting them yourself or asking someone else to do it, you are unlikely to want the full ingredient list to be known. This might not simply be because you do not want others to cast their own spells, but because some of the ingredients may be rare and difficult to find. Imagine going to favorite source of a natural ingredient only to find it all gone because you have told everyone it is essential for improving their finances!

Novice Practitioners

There is also the issue of experienced practitioners not wanting their spells to fall into the hands of the inexperienced or thoughtless and this situation is just as important today as it always was. Spells have to be cast with a great deal of consideration and thought. They are often peculiar to the individual. Spells which are miscast can wreak havoc and problems upon the innocent and may also cause serious detrimental issues for the spell caster themselves.

Most experienced practitioners have taken many years to learn and hone their skills and for the inexperienced to suddenly become involved because they think they might personally profit from spell casting can cause serious harm. So, again, the need for secrecy often has a practical reason underpinning it.

Keeping Friends

Today, we might piece all those thoughts together and, no matter how much time has passed, there is still a great deal of negativity commonly associated with spell casting. Unfortunately, in many instances, modern man has not come as far as he often would like to think he has. Many people will be derogatory about spell casting. They might well frown not only upon the caster but also the person who has had the spell cast. This can result in problems for those who have had a spell sent on their behalf because they are viewed with suspicion and may well be ridiculed.

Keeping the Magic

Indirectly, of course, this might also undermine their faith in the spell. It may well divert the magical course of the spell. It will often also result in their being unable to think objectively, to concentrate their minds on the manifesting of the spell and conversely prevent them from opening up their minds to more altruistic thinking and from seizing opportunities.

So, there are many and varied reasons for spells remaining a secret and another which is often cited is because once the casting of the spell is revealed then this interferes with the magic performing effectively. Whether this is true, that there is a direct effect on the efficiency of the spell, is actually unknown. However it would seem that there are so many other indirect negatives that it is hardly worth taking the risk of adding another to the already long list.

So, if you have had a spell cast on your behalf there are many reasons to keep this a secret. Although you might want to share the information with someone you would do well to bear in mind the above information because, as we can clearly see, revealing the secret rarely results in any positive outcomes.

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