Why it is Important to Cleanse your Aura


Why it is Important to Cleanse your Aura

Your Aura is the field of energy which surrounds you. Under normal circumstances it is made up a rainbow of crystal clear colors which not only reflect who you are but also your life experiences. When we are born this aura is perfect, yet as we grow not only can it be affected by our own negative thoughts and actions but also where we come into similar, external contacts.

Self-governing Behavior

As we stress throughout this website much of Wiccan worship involves itself with our self-governing moral behavior. What this really means of course is that we know ourselves if we are acting in a capacity which is good or bad, even though if much of the time we go into self-denial and fail to admit it – even to ourselves.

What this also means though, is that our good or bad actions are not simply those which we initiate, but how we respond to things we are introduced to. A simple example of this might be when we meet someone new and, instead of being polite we choose to be bad mannered. However it also applies to how we respond to such situations and in this case we would be looking at the action-reaction response. So, to take the same scenario but this time put us in the position of being the person on the receiving end of the bad-manners, we make the decision as to how we respond. Are we rude back or do we simply respond by being polite and reasonable? Yet, no matter which scenario we choose, Wiccan teachings would tell us we should think about being benevolent on both occasions.

Damaging Your Aura

Yet it is when we either exude unprompted negativity or react less than benevolently to negative experiences that our aura, in essence who we are, starts to become damaged or dirty. And, if we view our aura as simply being the spiritual reflection of who we are, then we can come to more clearly understand how it can be damaged and polluted by negativity.

Like Attracts Like

What we then have to add into this mix is the understanding that like attracts like. Positivity attracts positivity and negativity attracts negativity. So, when our auras are becoming less of a reflection of our positivity and benevolence and more a reflection of our negativity and pessimism, then they will attract more of the same even if we perform no actions at all.

Here then we now have an aura which has gone from being unpolluted, optimistic and benevolent, to one which is murky, polluted and pessimistic. And, unless it is cleansed in some way, then the negativity will not only continue to attract more of the same but it will become so dense that any positivity is prevented from getting through.

Signs of a Damaged Aura

So, if your life has gone from one of relatively positive experiences to those of the negative variety, it is likely you should consider an Aura Cleansing Spell. If you are suffering from bad temper, nightmares, constant bad luck, a poor or non existent love life, weak family relationships and continued dissatisfaction with life in general, then cleansing your aura could restore the positive balance back to your life.

What you also have to bear in mind though is that, even if you have your aura cleansed and restored to pristine condition, your outlook in future must be one which more closely reflects that of the Wiccan faith. You must not only exude a more benevolent attitude but also respond to incoming negativity in a more positive manner. By doing these things your aura will stay in good condition and it will attract more positivity where once it attracted everything negative, and as such your quality of life will improve only for the better.

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