The 3 Reiki Degrees of Attunement 

In discussing attunements we will take a moment and discuss the wisdom of being a healer. True Buddhism considers healing a distraction from the enlightenment path. It is not that healing is considered unimportant, but that it takes years of training towards enlightenment before the skills manifest. Healing always considered secondary to achieving the path- that without addressing the process of the mind and spirit, the body cannot permanently heal. Buddhists feel that the only way healing is achieved is by gaining freedom from the wheel of reincarnation. As a witch we can translate this into lessons learned that empower us and free us from the same lesson in the next life. It is thought that Karma can only be healed while in the body- attachment released- Karma is healed.

The five symbole of Reiki are the five stages to this process. Cho-Ku-Rei (Earth) being the beginning, represents the physical/etheric reflective level. The Sei-He-Ki ( Water) the transformation of the emotional body/ego. The Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen (Fire) is the creation of pure reality and understanding of the pure mind of the mental body. The Dai-Ko-Myo (Air)is the attainment of Master Healer of the spiritual body. The Raku(Sprit) is enlightenment it’s self of the cosmic consciousness- Goddess energy to a Witch. Each of the symbols vibrates in harmony to one of the vibrational bodies and heals on this level.

This being said, Reiki attunements open and expand the Ki ( energy) holding capacity of the Hara line/Kundalini/DNA Double-Helix. Attunements clear and balance the Hara line Chakras and the Chakras on the Etheric double and subtle bodies. During the attunements, Goddess/Universal/Heavenly Ki energy carrying the five Reiki symbols moves from the Crown to the receivers Heart. Goddess/Earthly Ki energy is drawn through the legs and lower centers from the Hara to the Heart as well. Original Ki in the Hara center is replenished and refilled and any blocks to the energy’s full use is removed.

1st degree of attunement- the symbols *CHO KU REI* and *SEI HE KI* are attuned into the aura of the student to “turn the power on and emotionally cleanse” for a main principle of Reiki is “to heal one’s self to be able to heal others”. The student should learn these symbols and allow time for the body to adjust to this attunement. This is a time to study, learn and understand the Chakras. I suggest at least a month or until one feels ready to continue.

2nd degree of attunement- the symbol *HON SHA ZE SHO NEN* is attuned into the aura of the student to grant understanding, to enlighten and to heal karma. The student should learn this symbol and allow time for the body to adjust to this attunement, I suggest 1- 6 months.. With this attunement and knowledge of the Chakras it is time to share the healing with others.

3rd degree of attunement- the symbol * DAI KO MYO* is added to aura and the aura is sealed with the symbol *Raku*. These are the symbols of the Master Teacher.

The Symbols of Reiki 
The Reiki symbols are Sanskrit-derived Japanese forms at least 2500 years old. As referenced above, the symbols original use were not for healing but enlighten to help others- five levels of wisdom to culminate enlightenment. Below are given the more traditional Western healing definitions and the Tibetan Buddhist definitions. As a Witch we embrace the wisdom of both. The traditional Western healing approach allows us a “TOOL” to work our healing magick. The tradition Tibetan wisdom allows us empowerment and understanding of self.
CHO KU REI--focuses on the physical body in healing. Increases the power to the energy system or the symbol one is using. Focuses energy in a singular area. Goddess energy.
Tibetan-Beginning stage. Places the mandala into the heart. Meditation until there is no difference between the meditation and the world. Emptiness- nonattachment from the Earth plane. Reiki definition- the light switch.
SEI HE KI-- focuses on the emotional body or subconscious healing. This symbol brings divinity into human energy patterns and aligns the upper Chakras. Coming together with the Goddess, "as above so below". All physical dis-ease has an emotional coordinate.
Tibetan-Earth and the incarnate are considered impure.. Impure ground is purified by wisdom. This enlightenment is achieved by realization of emptiness of self. Reiki definition-emotional healing, purification, cleansing, protection.
HON SHA ZE SHO NEI--focuses on the mental body or conscious mind in healing. The mind creates time, space, limitation and delusion. Enlightenment is going beyond the mind to the Goddess within all of us. This symbol allows past life and distant healing.
Tibetan- No past no present no future. Freedom from delusion and karma. When mind is aware there is openness and release, dissolution, understanding all things. Reiki definition-healing past/ present,/future, healing karma, distance healing.
DAI KO MYO--focuses on all the spirit levels and the healing of the soul. When one becomes enlightened she is one with Goddess and makes the commitment to do the work of the Goddess through teaching.
Tibetan- “Temple of the great beaming light”. When one becomes enlighten, they are freed from incarnation and suffering. In Buddhism this is the only real healing. Reiki definition- Healing the soul.
RAKU—unites and seals an attunement with the life force we as Witches see as the universal energy that is Goddess. Our work is complete and it returns to cosmic consciousness of Goddess.
Tibetan-completion, achievement of lower nirvana, freedom, enlightenment, total peace. Release from the illusion of the material world, release from the body and incarnation, total healing. In Reiki this symbol is used from crown to feet for grounding and to draw the energy from the universe into the body. Reiki definition- the lighten bolt, completion, grounding.