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So often, we think about cleaning our clothes, our house, and maybe even our cars, but our energy? We don’t often make that a priority. While you might be feeling stuck, it’s often easier to think that someone else is causing things to be difficult, but it might just be that our auras aren’t as clear as they could be.  With this Aura Cleansing, you can brush away the negative energy of your energetic body and begin to attract the life that is truly yours to enjoy.



If you’re not sure where your aura is, imagine it to be the energy that surrounds your physical body. Some might be able to see it, while others can just sense it. You might notice it’s the part of you that isn’t quite right or that feels like it’s in need of something…but you’re not sure what. Often, when you move through the world, you can feel when people have ‘dirty’ auras. They’re the people who you can feel enter a room…and the people who you want to stay away from.

An aura that hasn’t been cleansed can often repel others and it can cause you to be more susceptible to criticism and even illness. You may have noticed that you’ve gotten sick more often or that you’ve been attracting negative people — and those can be strong signs that your aura needs a cleanse.

With Aura Cleansing, you can remove the gunk and the negative energies that are clinging to your energetic body. You can free yourself of the things that might be causing people to move away from you and you can open yourself back up to all of the positive wonders of the world.

You clean your house and you clean your body. It’s time to remember to clean the spiritual body you are too. With the Aura Cleansing, you’ll be open again to love, to prosperity, and to the joys of the world.

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