Karma Cleansing


While you try not to harm other people in your life, it’s nearly impossible to not accumulate some negative karma. You might hurt someone by something you say or do, and you may never realize it. But if you’re hanging onto negative karma, it can influence the way your life is today. It can cause you to have a harder time getting the things you want and the things you desire. With the Karma Cleansing, you can release the negative karma and open yourself up more fully to what is coming your way.



If you’ve been feeling negative about your life or you’ve felt as though a dark cloud was following you, you may have some negative karma attached to your energetic body. Not only does this make you feel awful, but it can also cause you to attract negative things into your life. You may have noticed your life isn’t turning out the way you hoped or that you haven’t gotten the things you deserve. Perhaps it’s time for a Karma Cleansing.

This cleansing is not just for removing the negative karma in your life. You can also use this spell to remove the negative karma from someone else’s life, e.g. your child, a lover, your friend, etc. In giving this gift, they will have a life that is expansive and open to new possibilities. They will not be burdened by things they’ve done in the past, as they will be able to start fresh and new.

With the Karma Cleansing, you will be forgiven for the wrongs of the past — the ones you remember and the ones you don’t remember. You will be released from the way these past errors have chained you to the negativity.

And the Karma Cleansing is going to have long-lasting effects, so you’ll soon enjoy many more days of happiness and clarity.

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