Dream of Me Spell


Like many, you’ve probably had times in your life when you couldn’t get someone out of your mind. No matter how hard you tried, they showed up in your thoughts, your dreams, and in your conversations. Perhaps it was an old lover or someone you wanted to become a lover – or maybe it was someone who would eventually become your lover, and you just hadn’t met them yet. If there is someone in your life who should be thinking about you all the time, should be dreaming of you all the time, then the Dream of Me Spell is the one to choose.



Maybe you want to make this other person take notice of you or think of you as more than just a friend. With the Dream of Me Spell, they will have you on their mind constantly. They will see you in their dreams and in their waking thoughts. All day, you will be somewhere in their mind, causing them to have flashes of your face and voice as part of their reality.

This spell is designed to remind this person just how amazing you are or how much they are missing out on, if they’ve been with you before. You could also use this spell to torment someone while they are sleeping. Imagine if you couldn’t sleep night after night because you couldn’t stop dreaming about a certain person. It could be a delicious torment or a painful torment. Either way, you will be the one they think of.

If you want to be the object of someone’s dreams and thoughts, the Dream of Me Spell is for you. This will cause the other person to simply think of no one else. They will have to talk to you, seek you out. And even then, they will still have thoughts of you wrapped around their everyday experience – over and over.

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