How long does it take for my spell to work?

Some of our clients report instant positive results; others report results within a couple of days, weeks, or months.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when you will receive your results, as every case is different, and magick works differently for different people. It all depends on your exact situation, the strength level you have ordered, the energies involved in your case, and your spiritual path, as well as the people who are involved.

If you want to help the spell and speed up the process, please make sure that you do not obsess over the spell and the results, keep a positive outlook and allow the spell to go through its full motion.

In addition, keep in mind that you are fully covered by our generous Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have not received results after 6 months, we will re-cast your spell free of charge – or we refund your money if you do not see results within 12 months.

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