How should I behave while I am waiting for a love spell to work?

Just be yourself. There are no guidelines on how to behave. However, please avoid fights and arguments. If you have the choice between harmony or an argument, always choose harmony. Also, don’t annoy the other person. Let them be. Once the spell has reached them, they will contact you.

In addition, please do not obsess over the spell. Let it go. Allow it to work for you. Think positive. Spells work best and faster when you do not think about them all the time. Keep yourself busy with positive things, and do things to improve yourself and to make yourself happy.

The universe and the forces of nature will find ways to overcome any obstacles, such as lost phone numbers, living in another continent, no contact, a long time that has passed, cultures problems, negative feelings, bad memories, not knowing the person, and many other obstacles.

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