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Altar of the Goddess

We sing to Thee Great Goddess Our hearts call Your names May we always tend Your Altars and light Your sacred flames. An Altar is a place of centering, a beginning and an ending of honoring the Goddess in Circle and Ritual. What is done at the Altar sets the mind into motion, to a-l-t-E-r the consciousness, connect with the Goddess and to manifest one’s desired will/magick. There are as many thoughts on the “proper setting” of an Altar as there are...

Using Moon Energy in your Spells

The Esbats (Full and New Moons) are considered to be days and nights of work and are associated with the Moon, where as the Sabbats are associated to the Sun. The phase of the moon plays a large part in which a ritual or spell is performed as each phase of the moon is a special time when spells with certain qualities are stronger and more likely to work. Witches believe the spells conjured during these times will take...

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